F&D Audio: Delivering Quality Sound and Customer Excellence

F&D Audio

Fenda Audio Private Limited, commonly known as F&D, is a renowned player in the audio industry that has been offering quality sound experiences since its inception in 2004. With a diverse product portfolio comprising over 80 products, F&D has become a household name in India, catering to the needs of audiophiles across the nation. Their latest addition to the product line-up, the F&D HT-388D 240W 2.1 Channel Dolby Digital Plus Sound Bluetooth Soundbar, exemplifies their commitment to innovation, affordability, and powerful bass delivery.


Commitment to Quality Sound


One of the core values that F&D Audio has upheld since its establishment is its unwavering commitment to providing superior sound quality. By blending cutting-edge technology with precision engineering, F&D has consistently produced audio products that deliver clear, immersive, and powerful sound experiences. The newly launched F&D HT-388D Soundbar is a testament to this commitment, equipped with advanced sound technology that includes Dolby Digital Plus for an enriched audio experience.


Affordable Excellence


F&D has always strived to make quality audio accessible to a wider audience without compromising on performance. The HT-388D Soundbar is a prime example of this philosophy, offering a budget-friendly option for consumers seeking a powerful sound system with a woofer. By providing feature-packed products at competitive prices, F&D has captured the attention of value-conscious customers who demand exceptional audio performance without breaking the bank.


Powerful Bass: Elevating the Listening Experience


The F&D HT-388D Soundbar boasts a powerful built-in woofer that enhances the bass response, making it ideal for music enthusiasts and movie lovers alike. The deep and resonating bass elevates the listening experience to new heights, immersing users in a captivating audio environment. Whether it’s watching action-packed movies or grooving to the rhythm of music, this soundbar adds an extra dimension to the overall experience.


Recognition and Awards


F&D’s dedication to customer service and technical expertise has earned the company several prestigious awards and accolades over the years. In 2011, F&D received the DIGIT Award for Best Speakers, recognizing the brand’s commitment to delivering top-notch audio products. Furthermore, they also received the CHIP – Best Performance Award 2011, highlighting their consistent excellence in product performance.


Another notable award was the CHIP – Best Value on Group Test of Portable Speakers Comparison, acknowledging F&D’s ability to provide excellent value for money. Such recognition demonstrates the brand’s focus on meeting customer expectations and delivering products that exceed industry standards.


Furthermore, F&D was adjudged as one of the Top 3 companies to work within Delhi by Microsoft in Completely Boss Challenge, underscoring the company’s commitment to creating a positive and supportive work environment for its employees. This recognition speaks to F&D’s ethos of fostering a culture of growth and innovation within the organization.


Extensive Retail Presence


With a vast retail network that includes major electronic stores like Croma and Vijay Sales, as well as numerous dealer locations pan-India, F&D ensures that its products are easily accessible to consumers across the country. This robust distribution strategy enables F&D to reach a broad customer base, catering to diverse audio preferences and requirements.



F&D Audio Private Limited has firmly established itself as a trusted brand in the audio industry, offering top-quality sound solutions with a strong focus on affordability and innovation. The newly launched F&D HT-388D 240W 2.1 Channel Dolby Digital Plus Sound Bluetooth Soundbar reflects the brand’s commitment to providing an enriching audio experience for its customers.


Through consistent dedication to excellence, F&D has garnered numerous awards and accolades, acknowledging their superior customer service and technical capabilities. With an extensive retail presence and a diverse product portfolio, F&D continues to be a frontrunner in delivering exceptional sound experiences to households across India. As technology advances and consumer preferences evolve, F&D Audio PVT LTD remains poised to meet the audio needs of the nation with unwavering dedication and passion for quality sound.

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