Garmin Vivomove Trend Review: Wireless Charging!

One of them The biggest pain point with fitness trackers is how each one has its own proprietary charger. It’s a serious problem – if you forget a Lightning connector or a USB-C charger, you can always borrow one from a friend or find one at the store. But the proprietary Fitbit connector? Sorry! Imagine not getting your steps back on that Italian walking vacation!

So I removed the Vivomove Trend from my wrist and placed it on the Qi charging pad next to my desk with a mysterious sense of reverence. Breathlessly, I leaned back and examined the screen. Charging! Sure, it’s not amazingly fast, but it works! Never again will I be trapped in a half-hour commute!

Garmin’s latest entry-level hybrid watch is still a little tricky to work with, but I like its sleek, streamlined look and its new charging system. Wireless charging on any Qi charging pad is magical. That, in itself, does a lot to put it at the head of the pack.

The best of both worlds

Photo: Garmin

If you want to track your health without wearing a plain, sporty watch, you have a few options. Whitings makes a watch that looks as much like an analog watch as possible. The Fossil Safety Watch packs as many metrics as possible on an analog watch face.

The Vivomove Trend gives you the best of both worlds. In different colors (my tester is beautiful, if a little changed, peach gold with an ivory band). It has a nice 40.4-mm case and an analog watch face. But in the Garmin Connect app, you can pick up to three complications that appear when you swipe the watch in front of your face when you press your device.

This allows for a lot more customization than you might think, as some of the complications can be combined – I’ve chosen a Techni face, with the date at the top and steps, battery and floors at the bottom.

To start an activity, check your heart rate, go to settings, or set a stopwatch or timer, just tap your fingertip to the watch face. With a haptic buzz, the options pop up as glowing icons. If you click on the timer but realize you want to start an activity instead, swipe back. As a side note, I wish more controllers would include an easy off button. (Even analog watches have at least one button!)

Buzz will alert you when you receive a notification or initiate activity (you can change the intensity of the buzz, but I haven’t noticed a huge difference). You can start an activity manually or turn on automatic activity with Garmin Move IQ.

Moving IQ is surprisingly accurate — it took a 3-minute dash from the parking garage to a doctor’s appointment — but if you start a move manually, once you’ve selected it, you have to double-tap to start the move. Because it connects to GPS through your phone, my tracking results for walking, biking, and running are consistent with results from other trackers—unless I forget to start the activity manually, which is a lot.

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