Georgia Tech football: Pain – from the rumble seat

Well… this game was supposed to be interesting. Admittedly, the entire slate wasn’t very exciting, but the 3:30 slot on ABC is normally reserved for a show-stopping game. It was far from that for the fans in the stands and the more rational people who stayed at home. There was a time when Tech’s defense looked set to make a game-changing play early, but a quick replay dimmed any hopes of a turnaround at the time. Here’s the long and short of it – Tech was shut out, outgained 546-214, gave up 42 points and converted just 33% of 3rd downs. Not to mention, our offensive line only managed 53 yards in the first half of the season.

Here’s another, more historic one – Coach Collins is 183-10 in his last four FBS games. I don’t care if three of the four are against top 5 opponents. His Georgia Tech teams seem to be competing against those teams in 2.5 out of 16 quarters. The only real positive in that stretch was last week’s horrible FCS win against Western Carolina.

Thanks to some sleep protection other A punt was blocked, and with a crowded offensive line, Ole Miss jumped out to a 14-point lead in the first ~5 minutes of the game and never looked back. We had a chance to get some offensive momentum going in the second quarter, but a well-executed fourth down attempt capped a spectacular drive in the red zone. Ole Miss’ gameplan was very simple and efficient, as well. I think I saw 11 direct reading options that no one decided to take the QB. We made Jackson Dart look like Lamar Jackson.

We can see the talent on the Flats. Over the past four years, some promising athletes have stepped foot on campus, and there are quite a few donning the white and gold right now. Nate McCollum, Dontae Smith, Charlie Thomas… just to name a few.

Jeff Sims didn’t look too good tonight, but he was often under pressure after 0.56 seconds off the pace. One important update from last year, however, remains unchanged. In fact, the only thing we won was the takeover battle. An interception late in the first half put Ole Miss up by 21, and somehow kept hope alive for masochists like me. The game could not be accessed.

Now the question – how long will Geoff Collins last this year? Will a comeback win/respectable performance against UCF save him for the time being? We continue to be in the “big miss” of the rebuild, and time is running out.

As mentioned earlier, the challenging stretch continues next Saturday against UCF. Geoff Collins’ seat gets a little hot. good night. After that, sleep early.

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