Global Research Conference(GRC) 2023 To Be Held from 6th May to 9th May at King’s College, Cambridge, UK: Prof (Dr) Parin Somani





GRC- Humanity advances via research. Curiosity fuels it: we get intrigued, ask questions, and immerse ourselves in learning everything there is to know. The COVID-19 coronavirus The pandemic has caused enormous quick change among worldwide communities, necessitating thought before future global upheaval. As a result, Global Research Conferences has organised a Global Research Conference 2023 to be held on the 8th and 9th of May, 2023, at the renowned King’s College, Cambridge in the United Kingdom. 


With the theme of ‘Ignite Your Passion For Sharing Research’, GRC created a conference Theme: BUILDING SUSTAINABILITY AFTER THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC


The conference provides a platform to bring researchers, educators, students, and individuals specializing in diverse fields together. There is an objective to identify challenges in the search for educated solutions that can be implemented after the covid-19 pandemic to build future sustainability and resilience.


GRC 2023 aims to:

  • Explore the latest trends.
  • Discuss contemporary challenges.
  • Meet like-minded individuals that have a passion for research.
  • Global networking.
  • Share research on an international platform.
  • Opportunities published with Global Research Journal.


GRC 2023 will be graced with the presence of His Highness Maharaja Jay Pratap Singh V Chauhan, the King of the Chhota Udepur District of Gujarat, Vadodara, who is invited as the Inaugural Chief Guest Speaker. The King has great moral and social values and is an entrepreneur scaling multiple businesses. His Highness plays an important role in maintaining the prosperity and diversity of his town and is admired among his people as he thinks of their betterment.


GRC 2023 will also be honored with the presence of Her Highness Maharani Tanvirji J Chauhan, the Queen of Chhota Udepur, where she will speak in the capacity of the Valedictorian Chief Guest Speaker. She is a charming businesswoman with various skills that separate her from others. 


In addition, GRC 2023 comprises individuals traveling from global nations, including the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, France, India, and many more countries. GRC 2023 will be joined by  Chehreh Dashti, the Director of CherCosmetic LTD company from United Kingdom as  Inaugural Speaker. The Keynote addresses will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Parin Somani from United Kingdom and Prof. Hui Fang Huang Su from United States of America respectively.


Eminent Speakers and Delegates of GRC 2023 comprise Dr. Parin Somani, Dr. Jia Borror, Dr. Michelle Nemec, Kumkum Sheth, Dr. Leena Patel, Aparna More, Wani Iris Manly, Esq, Dr. Angelica Wagner, Dana Bagnall, Vani Moodley, Martha Davidson, Yanick Séïde, Nurbanu Somani, Keyur Sheth, Paul Fevens, Lewis Rawlin Bagnall and Nikki Baharloo and others. With a diverse range of speakers and their vast experience, GRC 2023 provides an opportunity for individuals to reap the benefits of knowledge acquisition and implement them to help global societies towards a sustainable future.


GRC 2023 provides an opportunity for future research and collaboration from around the world. GRC 2023 is on hybrid mode conference. On 6th May 2023 GRC will conduct Online conference who cannot travel to United Kingdom. It is facilitated through the Network Dinner hosted by GRC 2023 at the Hilton Hotel in Cambridge for all attendees on 7th May 2023. GRC 2023 also values hard work, dedication, and passion for sharing research with others, hence hosting a ‘GRC Prestigious Award Ceremony’ recognizing the most outstanding research papers in various categories, and acknowledging participant contributions. The award ceremony will take place on the final day of the conference on  9th May 2023 at King’s College, Cambridge  in United Kingdom. 


The conference is supporting by Fame Finders, Global Research Journal & LOSD (London Organisation of Skill Development) with the motive to “Empower your mind and find solutions together at GRC 2023.” Visitors may get more information about on 


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