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Brian Johnson is CEO of a Charlotte, NC-based business consulting and training company dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses not only survive, but thrive. Maine and Johnson partnered with business owners to bridge the gap between what success they had and the success they wanted. Brian and his team specialize in providing project-based consulting, evaluation and strategic processes and delivery throughout the implementation phase. The organization has subject matter experts who specialize in looking at people, process or performance in any organization. For more information, go above

You’ve heard the statistics there. In the year 2023 is expected to be a doozy for our economy. But that doesn’t mean your small business is going to struggle. We’re giving you the tools and tips today to position your business as one of the winners in 2023.

“If you build a plan that only works when times are good, then it wasn’t a plan at all” – Brian Johnson

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Growing your business in uncertain times with a Brian Johnson quote

This week on the SmallBizChat podcast:

  • Brian’s journey from corporate America to owning his own small business.
  • Deliberately increasing the lifetime value of your existing customers.
  • Changing your strategy when times get tough, not giving up.
  • Be a winner at rest.
  • Pushing forward when everyone else is pulling back.
  • Understanding where you are in your business.
  • Use what you’re good at.

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