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Happy National Small Business Week 2023 social mediaNational Small Business Week 2023 ((NSBW) It starts May 1 to May 6, 2023 This annual week-long celebration celebrates the nation’s small businesses through national and online events. America’s 33 million small businesses should take a BOW and celebrate their hard work and customer service.

National Small Business Week It was created and developed by the Small Business Administration over 60 years ago. PointProvides consulting services to America’s small businesses. During NSBW, SBA recognizes the hard work, ingenuity and commitment of America’s small businesses and celebrates their contributions to the economy.

National Small Business Week 2023: Advice for New Business Owners

Happy National Small Business Week 2023 New Advice

If you’re among the 10.5 million people who started a new business last year, celebrate that you’re still in business and working toward your financial goals. The best advice I can give new business owners is to focus on these six areas.

1. Never underestimate your cash flow

Stay in control of your customer’s payment processes. Collect your income as quickly as possible Use electronic invoices to get paid faster. Don’t give an interest-free loan to a Fortune 500 company; Make them honor net 30 payments.

2. Work on protecting your customers

An existing customer is much easier to manage than a new customer. Once a customer gets to know you, they are more likely to buy again and spend more the second or third time.

3. Give great service

Great offer Because customer service is important It inspires customer loyalty and makes selling easier. By providing excellent customer service, your business can recoup customer acquisition costs, retain talent, and increase brand loyalty. Building a good reputation requires providing excellent customer service.

4. Give way to growth

Happy National Small Business Week 2023 delegates

You can only do so much, and even if you think delegating some things yourself is the best thing you can do for your business. As a CEO, you should focus on what you do best and bring more value to the company. Delegation ensures that tasks are carried out even in your absence.

5. Using business applications to increase productivity

Tools and apps are available to automate or outsource administrative duties such as marketing, payroll and HR. QuickBooks for accounting, Talk about it For email, Slack For communication/cooperation, Google Calendar For calendar management, and LinkedIn Sales Explorer Access to sales.

6. The right people make all the difference

Your business can only grow as far as your two hands can reach, so you need to hire help. Hiring the right staff is key to running and growing a business and developing a strong company culture. Be sure to write job descriptions, interview multiple candidates, and plan to onboard your new employees and train them to be great.

If you follow these six steps, you’ll be well on your way to long-term business success.

National Small Business Week 2023: Free virtual events

Happy National Small Business Week 2023 free virtual events

Want to celebrate National Small Business Week 2023 with me? Check out some of these amazing online events.

May 2: NSBW Live Edition of SmallBizChat.

This room contains guests Barry Banter, Michelle Phillips and Dee Bowden. Join us here at 3pm ET

May 2-3: SBA virtual meeting

This virtual meeting will be held from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm ET, inclusive Fuel Growth: Talk about accelerating your business, future proofing your small business, cyber security and your small business, and the future of your business. Click here to register.

May 3: Live office hours with American Express Business

Join me. IG Live at 1pm ET.

May 3: The 200th episode of The SmallBizChat Podcast

Be sure to listen. I have a special announcement you don’t want to miss.

May 4: Free Webinar: How to Sell and Market Online.

Join me at 5PM ET. So I can break down all the secrets to growing an ecommerce business. Register here.

May 5th: It’s Cinco de Mayo!

Go to your favorite Mexican restaurant with friends or coworkers. Have great food and drink to celebrate National Small Business Week 2023 while supporting local small business.


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