Hear from Oort and .406 Ventures about why cybersecurity companies are thriving in Boston

have you heard The TechCrunch Live crew is taking a virtual trip to the Northeast. On Monday, February 27th (that’s in two days!), we’re hosting a special extended TechCrunch Live event focused on Boston, and you’re invited to attend. Sign up for a free event here.

The event begins with a conversation with Matt Caulfield, the founder and CEO of Oort, and one of its investors, Greg Dracon, a partner at .406 Ventures. Glad to have you on the show. Boston has long been home to security companies, and we’ll talk about the ins and outs of the local ecosystem and why founders should look to Boston when starting a cybersecurity company. It’s an important topic: startups aren’t created in a vacuum and often benefit from a bubbling local community of like-minded companies and entrepreneurs.

Greg Dracon has invested as a partner since 2013 with Boston’s .406 Ventures since 2007. Ort is a board director at several security companies, including KSOC, ZachaX.

Matt Caulfield brings a unique perspective to this discussion. I’d love to hear about your experience founding Oort in Boston and participating in MassChallenge’s Boston program. Prior to founding Oort, he spent 10 years at Cisco, eventually leading the company’s Boston innovation team.

Questions I would like to ask:

  • What local resources or programs made a difference when you founded Oort?
  • What’s so special about Boston, and why would someone start a company in Boston over NYC or SF?
  • Who should people know in the local area, and what events should founders attend?
  • What makes a good founder for the Boston area and .406 Ventures?

And I want to ask you questions. Register for the event here, and during the interview, I’ll be asking questions from the event attendees.

After this conversation, TechCrunch’s Ron Miller talks with MassChallenge CEO Kate Broom about Boston’s deep community resources for startup founders. Next, noted robotics expert Mark Raibert talks to TechCrunch hardware editor Brian Heiter about why he founded Boston Dynamics in Boston and runs the Hyundai AI Institute. Finally, the event will conclude with three Boston-area premieres.

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