Hear how Cambrian Biopharma is reinventing drug (and drug company) development


I am very happy to know about this TechCrunch Live event. Startup Cambrian BioPharma is pioneering a radical approach to pharmaceutical companies developing life-changing technology. Don’t miss this TechCrunch Live will take place on May 3 at 12 pm PDT. Register here. It’s free to watch and participate.

Cambrian BioPharma bills itself as an innovative pharmaceutical company with a revolutionary approach to developing and managing drug development. James Peyer, Ph.D., founded the company in 2008. In 2019, he co-founded and raised more than $180 million to accelerate the development of drugs designed to attack the causes of age-related diseases.

But this is not the most interesting part. Peer’s executive team has been able to attract top talent by offering a large amount of equity compared to traditional pharmaceutical companies. Instead of developing pharmaceuticals at Cambrian BioPharma, the company will roll out the solution with experienced Cambrian BioPharma executives and senior scientists sitting in the C-suite who will help run the new company.

Marianna Saenko of Future Ventures also spoke at this TechCrunch Live event. She sits on Cambrian Biopharma’s board of directors and has invested in the company’s Series A, B and C rounds. Together, the two will break down Cambrian Biopharma’s unique business model and explain why this process works so well.

Mariana is also a co-founder and partner at Future Ventures, where she sits on the boards of several deep-tech medical startups, including Deep Genomics, Earthshot Labs, and Gameto. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Future Ventures, and from her previous stints at Khosla Ventures, Threshold Ventures and DFJ. It’s a pleasure to have her and James Payer speaking on the innovative work of Cambrian BioPharma.

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