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By Brian Johnson, Christine Noah, and G. Maze, hit the social image and break itBrian Johnson Johnson is the principal and CEO of a Charlotte, NC-based business consulting and training company that helps small and medium-sized businesses not only survive, but thrive. Maine and Johnson partnered with business owners to bridge the gap between what success they had and the success they wanted. Brian and his team specialize in providing project-based consulting, evaluation and strategic processes and delivery throughout the implementation phase. The organization has subject matter experts who specialize in looking at people, process or performance in any organization. For more information, go above mainandjohnson.com.

Hit it and cut it by Brian Johnson

Christine Noah He is the owner of Noble sneaker and streetwear retailer located in New York and New Jersey. She began her professional career in investment banking at JPMorgan Chase and left investment banking to pursue her entrepreneurial passion. In 2013, she opened Noble’s flagship location in Newark, New Jersey. In the year In 2014, it moved its offices to a 30,000 square foot warehouse to support its e-commerce expansion. And in 2020, she opened her new boutique in Manhattan. For more information you can go to nohble.com.

Hit it and cut it with Christine Noah

You Maze He is a speaker, author and community advocate. She is the CEO of Maz Freight Solutions, a third-party logistics service based in Overland Park, Kansas. Maze Freight Solutions provides logistics services, including one or more commercial procurement entities, supply chain management and fulfillment functions for all categories of enterprises. Jay wanted to change the lack of diversity in the logistics industry, which led her to launch her business in 2017. For more information, see mazefreightsolutions.com.

Beat it and cross it with jy maze

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