How Individuals Pursuing Entrepreneurship Can Become Outstanding Business Leaders


Entrepreneurship is a priceless calling in life that makes an individual stand out among his peers. While many of us know that entrepreneurs are big-time risk takers, what many don’t know is that there is real-life evidence that entrepreneurship can drive large-scale social and economic change, behavior change, and game changers. and life-changing innovations for our society.

But unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs are successful in achieving these worthy developments. Why so, you might ask? The answer is simple – because they don’t understand the importance of being a popular business leader.

Described below are the key steps that an individual entrepreneur should follow in their journey from leader to legend.

Realize the importance of being a legend

Creating a legacy is using one’s learning and values ​​to create a lasting impact on one’s peers, the environment and the wider community and nation. It is our legacy that is our identity and our ticket to immortality. Legacy gives meaning and purpose to a leader’s existence and inspires future generations. And more importantly, heritage enables a business leader to lead a superior life, while simultaneously creating a superior impact on the lives and lifestyles of others.

No matter what domain or industry your business operates in, it is imperative that all business leaders today step up to become legends in spirit and practice. A leader becomes a legend only when he leaves a meaningful legacy.

And that’s where legacy coaching comes into play. Legacy Coaching is the process of allowing an individual pursuing entrepreneurship to discover their ‘true self’ and true inner potential. Once awareness grows and awareness sinks in, you are ahead of your entrepreneurial peers in creating your own legacy for the times to come.

Being a VVIP: Getting to the right place with the right formula

As for an entrepreneur’s worthy journey to becoming a legend in his/her own right, there is a simple ‘VIP’ formula he/she must follow, ‘V’ stands for one’s values, ‘I’ stands for identity and ‘P’ stands for purpose – three priorities. Aspects.

First, let’s talk about values. Since our value systems are embedded in our inner being, having the right values ​​allows an entrepreneur to make the right decisions in his business and life journey.

When you’re empowered to act based on your values, it automatically results in laser-focused decision-making, high-impact leadership, and the creation of a foundation that’s meaningful. Your values ​​must be supported and aligned with our true ‘who we are’ – allowing you to truly know and embrace who you are as an existing or aspiring entrepreneur and how you want to be remembered. Your legacy.

Next comes ‘Purpose’ which helps to answer the big question of ‘Why’ when one finds ‘Why’ are we doing it? An entrepreneur or business leader needs to find the purpose of their business in addition to knowing their own purpose in life. When these two intertwine, it will surely make you achieve great success and create an indelible legacy.

Once you’ve found your values, identity and purpose, it’s time to add another important and necessary ingredient to your legacy-creating journey, namely ‘vision’. By adding this ‘V’ (for vision) to your life’s direction, an entrepreneur can transform over time into a visionary leader and a true legend. Such a leader will surely have the faith, energy, strength, and composure necessary to move toward his goal of living a fulfilling life and leaving behind a meaningful legacy, despite great challenges or difficulties.

In conclusion: final thoughts

Beyond any doubt, our legacy is one that propels the ordinary entrepreneur to the pinnacle of transformational leadership (also known as ‘Sarvat leadership thinking’) and also makes us live for generations. It is, in fact, what inspires our future generations to become legends. And this is why leaving your legacy is so important, because only by creating a legacy will we be able to touch the highest level of our lives – the state of self-actualization.

While it’s certainly important to reflect on our true nature and identity as a legend, it’s important to deepen that thought process and prepare yourself to actively play the game of life in a better way, but it’s also important to practice real-life applications. Put these ideas into practice by applying what you learn in everyday interactions. After all, to become a great business leader and entrepreneur, it’s all about developing awareness and putting that awareness into action, one step at a time, and then creating and deepening powerful lines of experience.

Anish Rakeja

Guest Contributor Anish Rakeja (Coach Anish) is the Founder and CEO of Crescon Coaches. A global comprehensive legacy creation, leadership development, business succession planning and career transition organization. The opinions expressed in this article are strictly those of the author.

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