How Many Paper Shredders Does Your Office Need?

How Many Paper Shredders Does Your Office Need?

If you recently started a new business or relocated to a new office space, you may be in the process of collecting the supplies and equipment your office needs. Items such as computers, printers, and shredders are all necessary appliances. While browsing shredders for your office, you may wonder how many paper shredders your office will need. Keep reading to discover the answer to that question and learn everything you need to select the right model for your business.

What Size Shredder To Choose

Instead of considering the number of shredders you need, start by choosing a shredder size. Many smaller office spaces can get away with using a single midsized office shredder to support their employees. However, larger businesses will need shredding solutions that support their higher employee count. High volume and industrial shredders are more popular for offices with dozens of employees that each have shredding needs.

How Many Shredders To Choose

Some offices will need more shredding stations than others. One shredder is often enough to support smaller office spaces with a handful of employees. However, multi-story offices should have a designated shredder for each floor or building wing to make the shredder easy and accessible. You want to avoid improper information disposal, which is why you should make secure paper shredders available to your employees at all times. You may even consider supplying employees in human resources positions or other roles that handle a large paper flow with their own personal deskside shredders for easy access.

Which Type of Paper Shredder You Need

Depending on the information that your business handles, you may have different shredding security needs. For example, a cross-cut shredder will provide adequate information security for the average office. However, industries that handle a surplus of sensitive information, such as banks, hospitals, and government facilities, will need a higher level of security. These industries often use micro-cut shredders that create tiny, unrecoverable paper particles.

Now that you have a better idea of how many paper shredders your office will need, you can find the right equipment to support your business. More paper shredders will lead to more paper scraps, but you don’t have to let all this material go to waste. There are many ways your business can use shredded paper, which will help you be more sustainable and practice green habits.

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