How much does Angry Bird cost?


And the SpaceX launch that didn’t happen

Hello and welcome back to Equity, the Startup Business Podcast, where we unpack the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

Our Monday program covers the latest tech news from the weekend and the top news from earlier in the week. Today we are talking about space, birds and startups! Here’s where we come in:

  • Income season is coming back! That means Netflix and Tesla this week, and a lot of big tech companies next week. Data will come.
  • We are very excited about the launch of SpaceX’s giant rocket. It’s been cleaned up since we filmed it, but you can still enjoy our hype about the upcoming event. We’ll have more on the matter when the rocket actually launches.
  • Rovio is selling to Sega. Yeah, we had to digest that too. The sales price shows how hard it is to be a gaming company.
  • There is a lot of regulation going on in the world.
  • And we’re wrapped up with notes on Loopin and Fleet!

See you at the beginning of this week!


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