How To Use a Shipping Container in Your Backyard

How To Use a Shipping Container in Your Backyard

If you’re someone who likes working on large-scale projects, you may want to consider working with refurbished shipping containers. Shipping containers are affordable, durable, and work for a wide range of projects. If you’re wondering how to use a shipping container in your backyard, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Storage Shed

One of the best projects for beginners is converting your shipping container into a storage shed. Sheds generally require less modification to the structure of the container since you may choose not to install windows.

For a shed, you typically want to ensure the container is waterproof to keep the rain out and possibly some small electrical work to get a working light bulb. A storage shed is great for keeping tools, lawn equipment, holiday decorations, and other necessities.

Swimming Pool

One way to use a shipping container in your backyard is to create your own swimming pool. Shipping containers work for aboveground or belowground pools and require extensive modifications to ensure they’re leakproof and capable of running water pumps.

When wondering what you need to know about shipping container swimming pools, you want to keep safety in mind. No matter how you put it together, you want to ensure that your swimming pool is accessible and safe for anyone who wants to dive in.

Guest House

One of the most challenging and extensive projects for any container enthusiast is turning your metal box into a tiny home perfect for guests. Shipping container homes require modifications to the body for windows and doors without damaging the structural integrity of the container.

You want to have proper insulation and generally connect your tiny home to the water and electrical lines. Typically, a shipping container guest home has a small living space, bedroom, kitchen area, and working bathroom. This project requires a lot of care and attention but can remain a permanent fixture and a great place for friends or family to stay when they come to visit.

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