How your mental information can be used against you

Implantation of a “memory prosthesis” appears to improve memory in people with brain damage. As I wrote in September. The device is designed to mimic the way our brain normally forms memories in the shape of a seahorse called the hippocampus.

And a brain stimulation method that delivers gentle electricity through an electrode swimming cap appears to improve memory in older adults.As reported last year.

Electrodes implanted in the brains of people with depression are helping us better understand and treat the disease. A team has used a set of electrodes to develop a “mood decoder” that can detect when a person is entering a depressed state and reverse it.

It’s not just brain information that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. My colleague Tanya Basu has a guide to keeping track of your menstrual health data in a post-Ro the world.

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The World Health Organization has finally published a lengthy definition of Covid in children following a long and heated debate between parents, doctors and scientists. Children and adolescents with “post-Covid-19” have symptoms that affect their daily life for at least two months, typically fatigue, anxiety, and changes in their sense of smell. The World Health Organization lists other possible symptoms that include chest pain, fever, nausea, rash, heart palpitations and cognitive problems. (World Health Organization)

Speaking of prolonged covid, here’s what not to ask someone with persistent symptoms. (Atlantic)

Controversial scientist He Jiankui, born using CRISPR gene editing, has had his Hong Kong visa revoked. The Hong Kong government made the announcement hours after it said it had ties with universities, companies and research institutes there. (Associated Press)

A 53-year-old man is believed to be the third person infected with HIV to be officially cleared of the virus. The man received bone marrow stem cells from a person who had a genetic mutation that made the cells resistant to HIV. (nature)

Your body is electric. Cracking the “electromet” code will help us find new ways to understand and treat all kinds of diseases. (new scientist)

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