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HR Tech Conference, GWI launch and my new book Irresistible


This podcast is a quick overview of all of these topics following my week at the largest HR tech conference in the world. As you’ll hear, the HR tech world is doing great, and I’ll be breaking down what’s going on in core HR, skills technology, recruiting, M&A, and all sorts of other topics.

I want you to listen to my talk on the Global Workforce Intelligence Project, the 4 R’s, “The New Job Market” and the introduction to my book, Irresistible.

invincible, A book I’ve been working on for seven years will be available on October 25th. Pre-order or buy the first week and you’ll be one of my BFFs. Have a wonderful Fall – it’s time to start going to conferences again and I look forward to seeing you all in the coming months.

Additional resources

Irresistible: The Seven Secrets of the World’s Most Sustainable, Employee-Centered Companies

GWI Launch: Addressing the Healthcare Talent Crisis and the Four R’s

SuccessFactors has launched its biggest rollout in a decade.

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