Incredible AI, and a rusty origin story


2 long covid is not going anywhere.
But treatment and understanding of the symptoms is still small. (Atlantic $)
+ A new app aims to help millions of people living with long-term Covid.. (MIT Technology Review)

3 The outlook for Crypto is going from bad to worse
Controllers are circling, and an eclipse is imminent. (WSJ$)
+ Crypto is an easy target for US authorities. (wired $)
+ What’s next for crypto? (MIT Technology Review)

4 Deep Lies Victims of sexual abuse are constantly harassed.
Talking about their experiences makes the problem worse. (motherboard)
+ A deep sex movie is ruining women’s lives. (MIT Technology Review)

5 Patients’ mental health information is available for sale
There is no legal way to stop it in the US either. (WP$)
+ Martin Shirley likens drug discovery software to a ‘recipe website’. (Ars Technica)

6 in the unstoppable rise of renewable energy
Coal, gas and oil are expensive. Renewable companies hope to fill the gap. (Economist $)
+ Could recycling wind turbine blades solve the industry’s plastic problem? (The Verge)
+ We have enough materials to power the world with renewable energy. (MIT Technology Review)

7 teenagers can shake Tik Tok’s ticks.
During the outbreak, they began to see sudden and explosive ticks. Now, most have recovered.(NYT $)

8 Amazon robots are on the move.
Running around a two mile course in California. (TechCrunch)
+ A day in the life of a Chinese robotaxi driver. (MIT Technology Review)

9 AI Dating Could Improve Our Lives
But that doesn’t make them more interesting. (vice versa)
+ The hard science behind a successful match. (Vox)
+ How convenient: Crypto is attractive, as is crypto research. (TechCrunch)

10 Ever-Evolving Ways to Show Love Online 💘
Especially through the visual medium of the heart. (NYT$)


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