Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Growth: Which Is Better?

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Growth: Which Is Better?

Growing cannabis can be a satisfying profession, especially when growing complexly flavored, high-quality strains. But which is better—indoor or outdoor cannabis growth? Let’s find out.

Indoor Cannabis

Indoor cannabis growth involves relying on a greenhouse or building with environmental control. The building needs to allow for lighting, humidity, and temperature adjustments to fit your cannabis needs perfectly. This will help you achieve high-quality yields and flavors. What makes it so appealing is the ability to grow cannabis year round due to not worrying about seasonal temperatures. Furthermore, your cannabis is less susceptible to pests and diseases due to close monitoring and preventative measures to keep contaminants at bay.

However, indoor cannabis growth comes with its challenges. This includes the higher costs of indoor growing operations, such as hydroponic stations. Growers must invest in optimal equipment, such as fans, lights, nutrient additives, etc. Furthermore, they’re more prone to grow room odors due to improper airflow and lack of ventilation. Lastly, indoor cannabis requires more hands-on work and constant observation to ensure they’re getting proper nutrients, light, and water.

Outdoor Cannabis

Outdoor cannabis is incredibly straightforward—it’s outdoor-grown cannabis that involves natural lighting. It’s the tried-and-true method for promoting photosynthesis through each growing stage of your cannabis. It’s also a cost-efficient setup, as it doesn’t require expensive equipment, temperature adjusters, and other supplies. One benefit is that you can raise larger plants and yields, as they have more room to grow and remain exposed to natural sunlight, which is often stronger than artificial grow lights.

Additionally, outdoor cannabis has a more complex flavor profile due to exposure to various environmental factors, including wind and temperature fluctuations. Unfortunately, they’re more prone to pests and invasive diseases. So growers must take precautionary measures, such as selecting disease-resistant strains and pest control methods. Furthermore, seasonality can hinder your cannabis yields at certain times.

Which Is Better?

So which is right for you between indoor and outdoor cannabis growth? Realistically, both have unique benefits and differences that may align with your needs. Growers must consider their growing experience, costs, personal preferences on growing methods, and more.

Furthermore, cannabis growers must have the right equipment, proper lighting, nutrient management, and watering to grow high-quality cannabis. The way you raise cannabis should fit your lifestyle, living situations, traveling abilities, and environmental factors.

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