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to the end In the year In 2022, several entrepreneurs – some citing Elon Musk – told me that they plan to bring in a work culture in the next year to boost productivity and, in some cases, help loyalty. One founder even told me over drinks that they weren’t worried about losing talent—saying that the people who were leaving in person weren’t really mission-driven to begin with.

While some founders are clearly sitting on the return, others are confused. There’s the argument—sometimes from venture capitalists who want to see their portfolio companies succeed—that a physical presence boosts productivity and ultimately helps the bottom line. And there’s also the counter-argument that telecommuting allows for more inclusive and broad employment, which may help, well, the mainstream.

And if 2023 isn’t the finish line, I don’t know what else could be. Cruise Consulting, an accounting firm for startups, provides financials for more than 750 companies – including more than $300 million in quarterly revenue and more than $750 million in quarterly expenses. I spoke to Healy Jones, who does financial planning and analysis for Cruz. The results, he thinks, give some weight to the debate.

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