JAIN College’s Humanities Programme Reinvents Immersive Learning

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The humanities stream at JAIN College, VV Puram offers a gateway to exciting opportunities for students interested in exploring careers related to human behaviour, society, and its governing factors. After Class 10, students in Bangalore keen on pursuing journalism, social media marketing, editing, law, media studies, management, or policy design can consider the Arts stream in Pre-University College (PUC).


JAIN College is a reputable institution offering a comprehensive humanities programme with excellent course combinations tailored for students interested in this stream. The college boasts a wide campus equipped with modern amenities, including reading rooms, libraries, computer labs, presentation rooms, and auditoriums, providing a conducive learning environment.


Some of the key differentiators that truly set this programme apart are:

Comprehensive Subject Combinations

While getting admitted to the college, students can choose their preferred subjects for the course. JAIN College offers diverse subject combinations in the PUC Arts stream, allowing students to tailor their studies based on their interests and career aspirations. These include:

– HEPyS – History, Economics, Psychology, Sociology

– EPPyS – Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology

– HEPyP – History, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy

Interested students may visit https://www.jaincollege.ac.in/enquiry/ to apply.


JAIN College Integrated Programmes

JAIN College stands out by offering integrated programmes designed to help students maintain focus and gain clarity on future career paths.

Enrichment Opportunities

With additional coaching services for competitive entrance exams and Competitive Pathway activities like the Student Engagement And Empowerment Drive (SEED) and Interdisciplinary Exhibitions provided, students can gain real-life experience and develop valuable skills for college and careers. These experiences foster a deeper understanding of concepts and their application in everyday life.


Holistic Learning Environment

The college takes a holistic approach to learning, ensuring students’ mental well-being and supporting their college preparation. With highly qualified faculty renowned for their knowledge and experience, exhibitions, projects, field visits, and more, students are encouraged to apply their classroom learning and develop critical thinking and reasoning skills.


Convenient Location and Transportation

It is strategically located in the heart of Bangalore and offers bus services from various parts of the city, ensuring students can commute safely and without wasting time on transportation.


Differentiated Learning

The Humanities programme is crafted and curated in alignment with current young students’ needs. It is highly inclusive, contemporary and rigorous. The curriculum structure ensures navigating the student’s potential to quantifiable learning outcomes which are reflected in their overall personal development.


Students benefiting from a well-rounded educational experience are certain to aspire and achieve academic excellence. By choosing JAIN College’s Humanities programme, students can essentially enjoy what they learn and that in turn would translate into the jobs they secure in the future. If gaining tangible and applicable knowledge is what you seek, then JAIN College, Humanities is now inviting fresh applicants like you for the AY 24-26.



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