La Pino’z Pizza is the Third Biggest Pizza chain Brand, with 600+ Outlets all over India

La Pino

“Pizza is not the answer; it’s the question, and yes is the answer”, and when it’s pizza it is La Pino’z Pizza. 


With an inspiration to open his pizzeria, Mr. Sanam Kapoor (Director Copenhagen Hospitality Pvt Ltd) inaugurated his very first outlet in the city beautiful Chandigarh in 2011. La Pino’z Pizza has become India’s 3rd biggest pizza chain brand and is only continuing to grow faster. With over 600+ outlets all over India, you will be sure to find one wherever you go always at your service. The people wanted something new and unique and La Pino’z Pizza surely became the epitome of that. Known for its delicious and rich traditional Italian Pizza, it soon became one of the most famous foods shared in the community. From that moment to 600+ restaurants in India today, they have surely come a long way. 


La Pino’z Pizza’s walk to success 


La Pino’z Pizza is a well-reputed player in the restaurant industry. Bolstered by the need for more choices in family-oriented takeaway experiences, combined with the option for home delivery and pleasant ambiance the outlet is positioned to take advantage of the market need and serve happy families all around India and now worldwide. La Pino’z Pizza proudly serves happiness to its customers through delicious, quality meals and extraordinary restaurant experiences while working towards the greater good for their employees, community, and environment. In addition to this, the pizza connoisseur is also coming up with a premium coffee and burger brand- Lord Petricks. 


Going Global by 2025 


The pizza connoisseur has seen tremendous growth in India since it opened its first store in 2011 and plans on entering the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Tanzania, USA, and Nepal in 2023. The company has further invested in making its products more affordable so that everyone can enjoy their meals. 

Mr. Sanam Kapoor (Director of Copenhagen Hospitality Pvt Ltd) said “We are delighted to be able to bring our unique pizzas and other food items to people all over the world. Our vision is to serve happiness through quality food experiences while creating greater good for our employees, communities, and the environment.” 

The director of La Pino’z Pizza, Mr. Sanam Kapoor has envisioned opening La Pino’z Pizza all around the world in the coming months. La Pino’z Pizza currently operating 600+ locations in India and also gearing up to open soon in London. Up;


India’s most trusted pizza brand will be opening stores all around the world and forever increasing its market value. La Pino’z Pizza is all about giving back to the community and is looking forward to providing employment to over 5000 people as well.


An exciting new venture-

An upcoming venture by the pizza connoisseur himself is Lord Petrick, a premium burger and coffee brand. Everyone craves a perfect cup of coffee and this will be their aim from the beginning. Burgers will always be a never dying concept and they cannot wait to introduce the most heavenly burger concepts. 

Mr. Sanam Kapoor aims to bring as many as 100 outlets this year. It includes immediate expansion plans and aspirations to open up all around Pan India by the end of this year. With high standards in quality, they would love to bring to you the most delicious eats.  What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup! Coffee beans sourced from the high altitudes of Italy, you are sure to be blown away by the rich and creamy taste of it. The absolute balance of sweet and savoury flavours will make this brand unique on its own. They aim to bring an awesome menu with loads of varieties. It also envisions coming forward as the top-notch brand in India known for its enormous burger, tantalizing coffee at Lord Petrick, and premium pizza eateries at La Pino’z Pizza worldwide. 


Coping up with the undulating markets-

With the risk of recession in the global markets, La Pino’z Pizza has remained undeterred and will continue to go strong. Mr. Sanam Kapoor has remained by concentrating on the economic outlook, which will enable the company to open stores this year. 

It can be quite scary how the markets are doing in the world today but with hard work and sacrifice, they can assure you that a strong work ethic and commitment to family and community has its rewards. Remember, no matter what happens, pizza will always be there for you, thick and thin, and when it’s pizza it is La Pino’z Pizza. 

With Mr. Sanam Kapoor at the helm leading this venture forward, Lord Petrick is poised for a successful future both in India within month’s time as well as worldwide in years ahead!


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