Lawn Care Tasks You Should Be Doing This Fall

Lawn Care Tasks You Should Be Doing This Fall

Fall is a great season because of its refreshing, cool atmosphere and beautiful foliage and because it’s an ideal time for lawn care. During the fall season, our lawns prepare for winter, so engaging in certain practices that allow our yards to remain healthy throughout the harsh winter months is imperative.

Let’s look at some essential lawn care tasks that you should be doing this fall to ensure your lawn is healthy and ready for the upcoming winter.

Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizing your lawn during fall is one of the most crucial lawn care tasks you should not miss. The nutrients in fertilizers help the grass store essential carbohydrates during the winter months, maintaining its healthy growth the following spring. Knowing these common fertilizer mistakes and the ideal fertilization timing is important to ensure that your lawn receives the optimal benefits from your fertilizing efforts.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn in the fall provides numerous benefits. It allows air, water, and essential nutrients to penetrate the soil and channel water and air to the plant’s roots to keep them nourished and healthy in the winter. If you’ve had a particularly soggy summer, this task is critical.

Overseed Your Lawn

It’s essential to plant new grass seeds to replace dead or unhealthy grass, which has unwanted weeds or patchy growth. Overseeding your lawn in the fall gives the grass seeds the essential growing season they need to establish themselves by winter. This step, in turn, increases your chances of having newer, healthier, and fuller grass in the next growing season.

Mulch Your Lawn

The leaves falling on the ground can often be overwhelming during the fall. Instead of bagging and discarding them, consider mulching your lawn with the leaves. Mulching involves running over the leaves, often with a lawn mower, shredding them into tiny pieces that decompose on the ground and add necessary nutrients to your soil. This task allows the lawn to stay healthy throughout the winter.

Keep Your Lawn Clear of Debris

The fall is notorious for producing strong winds that can often cause branches and debris to fall in your yard. Keeping your lawn clear of debris maintains a healthy and immaculate appearance. Moreover, the less debris and garbage your lawn has, the less chance you have of damaging it and the more nutrients it retains.

Proper fall lawn care is essential for a healthy yard. Practicing the crucial task mentioned above is essential to give your lawn a healthy head start in its upcoming growing season. From applying fertilizer and overseeding to aerating and mulching, all these lawn care practices will ensure your grass is healthy, strong, and lush. Don’t procrastinate any longer—start preparing your lawn now.

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