Lectric XP 3.0 review: Clunky but comfortable

I got on board original Lectric XP electric bike for six months during the 2020 pandemic. It was a relief, feeling the wind on my face during quarantine and far from the norm when I wasn’t cruising around on public transport. I have a bit of a soft spot for him. Lectric’s goal was to deliver a foldable, powerful fat tire ebike under $1,000, and that still holds true three years later with XP version 3.0.

I’ve seen more Lectric ebikes here in New York City than I can count. I get it—the Lectric XP is one of the most affordable folding ebikes out there, and it comes with a lot of extras. I myself still would never buy it – I live in a walk and don’t want to deal with such a heavy and bulky thing. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate this slick car. In its third iteration, Lectric has made some small but good tweaks to the formula, resulting in a more refined and functional fat tire ebike that’s still fun to ride.

Earning XP

I’ve tried the standard Lectric XP, but there’s a Step-Thru model if you want an easier time squeezing into the seat as usual. Much of what I said in the Lectric XP 1.0 review is the same for XP 3.0. This thing comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is take it out of the box and open it up. It’s still freakin’ heavy (it’s actually 1 pound at 64 pounds), but I found it easier to unfold than the cheaper and lighter Lectric XP Lite – the hinge is much smoother.

It’s still annoying to move and carry. I wish there was a way to attach the Lectric to each other when folded, à la Montague ME-1, with wheels that stick together and the whole ebike rolls like a trolley. The XP 3.0 is big, so carrying it around is a pain, even with the metal handle next to the seatpost. There is always something poking my leg when I walk.

Be sure to select the Elite Bundle when you shop, as it comes with a larger seat, hanging seat post, bike lock and Elite headlight. All these are very convenient accessories. As a 6’4″ person, I much prefer the giant seat to the original saddle. It’s more comfortable. This is the first time I’ve tried a suspension seat post, and it feels flexible. It makes those sudden bumps in the road easier. The headlight is really bright, even on the roads. It tends to move around if you’re awkward, though, so you have to adjust it every now and then. I appreciate the option to fit the included bike lock storage, though it’s a bit tricky with the tight space on the frame. At least I don’t need to bring a bag to carry the lock.

Three years later and I’m still not a fan of how they operate EBK. Lectric lets you attach the key to the bottom of the tube. Turn on the battery and press the power button on the handle bar to activate XP 3.0. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, the key unlocks the battery, allowing you to take it indoors for safety and charging. I hate constantly reaching the bottom of the frame. Do you think James Bond was hunting for the keyhole before jumping off on his motorcycle? Very unpleasant

Photography: Lectric

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