List of robotics companies that are hiring


The economy is a little better – sort of, maybe, sort of? While things seem to be moving in the right direction, it will be a long road. Plus, if you can’t find a job, positive macroeconomic trends are cold comfort. One of the great things about having a platform like TechCrunch is the opportunity to help people in that difficult situation.

I work in publishing and know the pain of being laid off all too well – I’ve been through the process twice. A million strangers on LinkedIn can tell you how great you are and none of it is your fault. You can also know these things to be implicitly true and still struggle with self-esteem questions.

Here in America, your job is always the second thing people ask you after they hear your name. We invest a lot in what makes us who we are. It’s not necessarily healthy, but it’s what we spend most of our time doing. It is the foundation of many of our closest relationships. It can be easy to miss mass human displacement when we see the numbers in the tens of thousands among tech giants.

Now the good news: companies are hiring. As an industry, robotics is somewhat positioned here for its growth during the pandemic. It is true that some big companies (Fidel, Amazon) have slowed down their robotics investments. It’s also true that we’re going to see more companies buy or fail.

But a lot of money has gone into automation, setting up runways that will help many get out on the other side in one piece. If anything, much of this bad news only serves to strengthen the industry. To be sure, labor issues aren’t going away anytime soon, nor is the drive to automate fields like manufacturing, construction, health care, and agriculture, among others.

Simply put: it’s a bad time to be looking for a job, but it’s a good time to be looking for a job in robotics. Each week in the robotics newsletter Actuator I’ve been featuring a few companies that are hiring. But this morning I made a call, hoping to collect enough for a separate post. I didn’t have to wait long.

TechCrunch isn’t really a job board. This is not a list of all roles in robotics. But if you’ve recently been laid off, recently graduated, or are looking for a change, hopefully this is a good place to start. If people like it, we’ll do it again. And hey, if you get a job through this post, Let me know on Twitter. Everyone loves a happy ending.

Pronouns (6 roles)

Any boutique (6 roles)

Automated architecture (4 roles)

Boston Dynamics (45 roles)

Boston Dynamics AI Institute (11 roles)

Chef Robotics (13 roles)

Dexory (5 roles)

Figure (15 roles)

GreyMatter Robotics (9 roles)

Trusted AgTech (10 roles)

Non-ferrous metals (2 roles)

Kewazo (10 roles)

Kiwibot (30 roles)

Strong Fly (2 roles)

Monarch Tractors (15 roles)

Right-handed robotics (7 roles)

Strict Technology (3 Roles)

Scythe Robotics (10 roles)

Iconic (93 roles)

City Machine (5 roles)

Verdant Robotics (7 roles)

Viam Robotics (10 Roles)

Whiskers (10 roles)


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