Lotus Salon Offers Franchises For Three Years Subscription To Clients Who Want To Open Their Salons



Lotus Salon, the leading salon chain in India, announced today the availability of its concept through a franchise business model which aims to deliver the same Lotus Salon concept to interested franchisees. The franchises will be available for three years subscriptions to concerned franchisees who share a passion for the rising of businesses and stylists who express themselves through full service and best results while developing their skills, awareness, and professionalism.  

“We are excited to partner with stylists and businesses worldwide, and make this salon concept, which we developed over the past 12 years ago, made available and ready for replication in other countries and territories,” said the owner of the Lotus Salon, Aditya Kapoor. 

Lotus Salon will offer franchise assistance with pre-opening and ongoing operations. It will implement and assist with all operational programs, including the first salon opening program. It will schedule personalized visits to existing salons. It will conduct regularly scheduled phone calls to discuss service, retail, and training needs. It will also host the annual franchise convention for all franchises. 

Lotus Salon will provide in-house training on hairdressing and beauty skills. The salon experts will train franchisee employees on customer service and salon operations. The franchise will tie up with top hair and beauty industry leaders to train on current trends and techniques. The franchise will also share its billing software, acquired from the world’s largest salon software company, with franchisees to promote seamless operations. In addition, the PR company will organize the grand opening ceremony for the salon.

Franchisees can also benefit from the buying power of the Lotus Salon chain. The brand will share management information system recurring supplies with over a hundred types of reports. Franchisees can use the information from these reports for detailed analysis, target marketing, and strategic planning for business success.

Established in January 2011, Lotus Salon is a hair, beauty, and nail services concept that offers gents and ladies a luxury salon service experience with competitive prices and a well-researched and organized menu. Developed by passionate stylists, Lotus Salon delivers the ultimate luxury at affordable prices to match the requirements of its worldwide clientele. 

Abstract and defined lines inspire the plush and stylish-looking Lotus salon interiors. The inspiration for the salon interiors mostly comes from the needs expressed by the growing and more informed consumers. 

“The ongoing business relationship we provide with the Lotus Salon franchise includes the service, the products, the trademarks, as well as the entire business concept itself from marketing strategy, standard operating procedure, planning, formats, systems, audits, training, billing software, quality control, supervision, ongoing assistance, guidance,” said Aditya Kapoor, owner of Lotus Salon.

Over the years, Lotus Salon has reached new heights. The brand has been successful in building strong business connections worldwide. The Lotus Salon has over 30+ branches in India, London, Dubai, New York, and Singapore, with massive clientele. Interested franchisees can apply for the Lotus Salon for three years subscription by filling out the application form on their official website.




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