Maaz Patel- The journey from pharmacy student to Entrepreneur.

The story of Maaz Patel inspires and motivates many young entrepreneurs. Despite the challenges he faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maaz refused to let his dreams die. He dropped out of his pharmacy program and started working as a marketing and sales professional, earning a meagre salary of just 6000 rupees per month.

Maaz’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to save his three months’ salary and start his own dry fruits business. As his business started to grow, he opened his grocery store called Hyderabad Kirana and General Store. Maaz was determined to maintain high-quality products at reasonable prices, which quickly made his store popular among the local community.


Not content with just one store, Maaz ventured into the wholesale market and opened a new shop called SS Patel Traders. Although he had to close down Hyderabad Kirana and General Store due to high competition in the area, Maaz’s focus and dedication to his new venture paid off.


While in the wholesale market, Maaz noticed that many people were selling dried black coconut that contained high levels of sulfur. This chemical can cause a variety of health problems. In response, Maaz introduced a new product – sulfur-free dried black coconut, which he named Kissan Rajapuri Black Copra. This product quickly gained a lot of popularity.


Maaz’s success did not stop there. He is now planning to introduce a new product – Kissan Premium Basmati Rice, which will be a new brand of basmati rice that will be of the highest quality. Maaz is confident that this product will be just as successful as his previous endeavours.


Maaz’s annual income is now around 15 to 20 lakh, which is an impressive achievement for someone who started with just 6000 rupees. He is now planning to enter the import-export business, which is yet another exciting venture that he is looking forward to.


Maaz Patel’s story shows how hard work, dedication, and perseverance can lead to success. He is an inspiration to many young people who are trying to make their way into the business world. Maaz’s story is a great example of how one can achieve their dreams if they are willing to take risks and work hard.


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