‘Making it Maximum’ is a worthy follow-up to ‘Fashion Files’

Long-time Cagesiders will know that I don’t make the claim made in that title lightly.

Breezango’s 2017-2018 YouTube series/show in one show was fantastic on the wrestling front. Tyler Breeze, Fandango, and their many collaborators—most notably The Ascension’s Konnor and Viktor—created an absurdist adult comedy that made the most of the inherently ridiculous environment they found themselves in (mostly backstage at SmackDown).

He parodied and paid homage to other pop culture, ranging from Law and Order to Foreign things… and in an amazing offer, he even gave us more Twin Peaks that any wrestling fan who appreciates David Lynch, even though they would see him on WWE television. Through it all, everyone did what makes all the best tricks work. They were totally committed to it.

Most of the Maximum Mae Models team has had that last bit since their inception. ma.cé and mån.sôör… well, they agreed on those spellings of their names, so that tells you a lot.

Since Max Dupri left the band and became LA Knight again, however, the act really hit its stride. Unfortunately, if you’re not checking WWE’s YouTube channel on Thursdays, you probably missed “Making it Maximum,” MMM’s “Fashion Files”-like offering. But I’m here to tell you, you need to fix it.

Rather than spoofing the network’s “Fashion Files,” “Making it Maximum” is modeled after the kind of reality show you’d find on Bravo. The main story focuses on the sister of Knight’s old character, Maxine Dupri, who runs MMM in his absence and is convinced that the group needs a third role model. mån.sôör disagrees, while ma.cé barely functions in the world, let alone weighs in on agency politics.

The episodes have been good, but with what they dropped last week, they finally reached Fashion Files status.

Where do I even begin with all the things that hit me from that video? With the Rick Martel reference thrown in at the start? Constipation emotional face of ma.cé?

The team meeting sketch at 2:50 deserves its own post. I was laughing about ma.c.’s “missing” the random things his teammates mentioned in their argument when he countered me with Maxine channeling LA Knight. Then, the shot that revealed ma.cé wasn’t being rapped, but instead rolled, topped them all.

Brennan Williams (the former NFL player who is making this move work after trying everything in his power to make RETRIBUTION fun) deserves some sort of award for the final third. His reaction to his missing poster is another laugh-out-loud moment, and the excitement he demonstrates after finding “downtown” perfectly sets up his desperate delivery of the line about not being worthy to enter it.

Anyway, check out Making it Maximum. Like the Fashion Files, it won’t last long. But if more people find it, it will be longer… and maybe even get some TV time.

Most of all though, I need you to please help MMM find their precious little baby, baby flower boy. #WheresCat

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