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New Delhi: At the first New York Asian Fashion Week (SANYFW), designer Mayyur Girotra showcased his collection.

On September 9, Girotra, showed Zaman, one of his popular conceptions.

Mayyur fused prestigious fashion items with intricately woven textiles from South Asian regions. Viewers were introduced to South Asian culture and traditional clothing, with a hint of Middle Eastern inspiration in each of the outfits.

Mayyur began his career in South Asian design by conducting extensive research, traveling to numerous cultural sites of India and looking at ancient artworks as an influence for his current trends. His brand attracts well-known influencers and celebrities from across the Asian diaspora thanks to its timeless aesthetic that is influenced by times gone by. The traditional South Asian wedding look has been updated by his company to include a combination of elegant and edgy looks that captivate viewers with every step each model takes.

Commenting on the association, designer Mayyur Girotra said, “I feel truly honored to represent South Asian fashion at SANYFW, showcasing its formidable heritage on an international platform. We proudly present fine art from the subcontinent, majestic grandeur in a glittering look. The MG Couture brand has broken barriers and been one of the most loved brands in the US for 8 years, we are excited to showcase our collection as a runaway this time.”

“When it comes to New York South Asian Fashion Week, we’ve made it our life’s mission to celebrate the beauty of South Asian culture and fashion globally. That’s why we’re so excited that Mayyur Girotra headline the first official SANYFW. The designs are masterpieces that highlight the stories and beauty of our culture. Through his Zamani collection, we can truly show the global fashion community how South Asian fashion is nothing less than a work of art,” said Shipra Sharma, Founder and CEO of SANYFW.

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