Meta announced a new business messaging program to highlight DM opportunities

As part of its latest earnings announcement, Meta pointed to future opportunities in business messaging and consumer messaging as it looks to realign its advertising business with consumer shifts.

Meta has long recognized that more sharing is now happening in DMs, as opposed to people posting on their social media feeds, and with that, Meta wants to provide Messenger and WhatsApp with more tools to help brands connect with increasingly engaged consumers. .

Along with this, Meta announced a new partnership with business consulting group Plug and Play on accelerator program for businesses, which will include new startups. Innovation Hub ‘to help businesses connect, transact and serve their customers through messaging’.

As meta:

This job is to create and implement solutions for more practical and meaningful business operations using the Plug & Play global corporate innovation platform.

Plug and Play connects businesses with solutions to their technology challenges through a wide network of innovative partners that it can assign to a variety of projects.

Plug and Play is already working with more. 50,000 startups, and 500 global leading corporations, along with venture capital firms, universities and government agencies across a range of industries.

In this, Plug and Play is now introducing meta messaging training, which can be a big step in highlighting business messaging opportunities for more brands and making it a more practical and valuable part of the business process.

Plug and Play launched its first three-month acceleration program in 2018. It will run by the end of 2022. Startups accepted into the accelerator will meet one-on-one with corporate partners for testing, new customers and investments.

Seems like a key position of luck. Aside from the over-sharing trends of the messaging channels listed above, Meta claims to facilitate more than a billion messages between them. People and business every week Through its applications.

Meta has tried to monetize in the past with the introduction of Messenger bots, shops in Messenger, even in-stream ads. None of this worked, but messaging for business and other various purposes is big in some Asian markets, and if Meta can get it right, it could still be a big deal for more organizations around the world.

And it could be a key component of Meta’s growth in India, now its largest user market. WhatsApp is a key communication platform in India, so while messaging isn’t available in Western markets, it could still be a big part of Meta’s future in some regions.

Although, of course, I would like it to be more prominently focused in all areas, and this new push, as stated, works to align with usage habits to help meta-money in new ways.

You can read more about the new Plug and Play accelerator program here.

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