New Promoter Partnerships Enable Ecosystem Expansion and Efficiency by Connecting Partner Tech Stacks and Critical Information Systems

Integrations with iPaaS solutions like Syncari and connect to – and update – any partner data from any source or system.

Salt Lake City, December 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Impartner, the world’s most complete channel management platform and partner relationship management (PRM) provider, has eliminated inaccurate partner data by further partnering with iPaaS providers such as Syncari, Treio and others that facilitate relationships within the company. The environment. While Empartner has long been integrated partners with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, the new integrations bridge the gap between the company’s additional direct sales systems and Empartner PRM.

“Because partnerships inherently span cross-departmental teams, strategic projects, and critical systems, it’s becoming more challenging to centralize ecosystem technology management,” he said. Gary Sabin, VP of Product at Impartner. “Through these integrations, we not only provide a single entry point for all Partner Relationship Management (PRM) activities, but we also significantly increase the overall value integration of PRM within the organization’s technology infrastructure.”

These partnerships and those included in Impartner’s roadmap provide connectivity and secure data exchange between critical business systems such as CRM, data warehousing or BI tools. Additionally, these relationships ensure that channel performance and partner data remain accurate and accessible within the centralized PRM system, allowing channel, operations and sales teams to trust the data they’re working on.

With these new connections and previous integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot and Salesforce, Impartner is the center and facilitator of the partner ecosystem. In his ImpartnerCon 2022 keynote, Jay McBain.Canalys’ core analytics ecosystems differ from traditional indirect channels in that they are not tied to financial transactions and focus on partner co-creation, value creation and network effects. With 75 percent of the world’s trade flowing indirectly, ecosystem technology is the fastest-growing SaaS category, McBain says.

Sinkari enables RevOps teams to curate, analyze and act on trusted customer data. With powerful data management, workflow automation and multi-directional synchronization, Sinkari accelerates data integration and standardization to create distributed truth across the tech stack. is a low-code automation that can easily transform unique business processes into repeatable and scalable workflows whenever a business needs to change. More expensive, complex and code-intensive than iPaaS solutions,’s flexible self-service platform makes it easy to build integrations using any API and connect enterprise applications without incremental costs. The Trey platform frees product leaders, and IT from tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing them to leverage their skills with automation to unlock their full potential and do things in a way that best suits their business.

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Impartner is a fast-growing and award-winning provider of channel management technologies, including premier Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) solutions that help companies worldwide manage their partner relationships, drive their interests through partners. Accelerating revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. For more information about Impartner, which is based in Utah Visit the technology hot spot, Silicon Valley,

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