Oma Fertility on TechCrunch Live to talk about building a better IVF experience


Oma Fertility is on a mission to improve in vitro fertilization. The company says it achieves this by providing customers with the best technology, respectful care and ethical pricing. In the year Founded by Gurjeet Singh in 2020, the company has raised $71.5 million in three rounds of funding. Chrissy Meyer and Root Ventures invested in the previous two rounds.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Gurjeet at the upcoming TechCrunch Live. Event on March 29th at 12 pm PDT. Oma Fertility investor Chrissy Meyer is also speaking at the event. Neisha Tambe, TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield Editor, is conducting the interview.

Chrissy Meyer knows hardware. She spent six years at Apple, where she was an engineer program manager for five years. In the year After leaving Apple in 2013, she spent a year as an engineering program manager at Square before joining Pearl Automation, where she was part of the founding team at a major startup. She has been at Root Ventures for six years, where she writes checks for $1 million to $3 million in seed and pre-seed rounds.

This is going to be a great discussion, and I hope you can join the fun. is it. Free to register And attend this event. Virtual doors open at 11:30 am PDT and interviews begin at 12:00 pm PDT. If you sign up, you can sign up for a pitch rehearsal and ask Gurjeet and Chrissy questions.

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