Omaha Diner works even if the car crashes into the wall

OMAHA, Neb. (WOT) – The Harold Coffey House has been in North Omaha for nearly 60 years. It’s known as a place people can trust to feel at home.

However, this mood suddenly changed on Thursday morning, just as business was picking up.

“The restaurant was maybe half full, maybe less than half full. Most of the customers were in the horseshoe area here,” Bohnenkamp said. “It was very snowy.”

Matt Bohnenkamp is the owner who said he saw a car crash in front of the restaurant. It was so powerful that it broke the window and bent the wall.

“He pushed over the booth and the table and broke one of our chairs here,” Bohnenkamp said.

The restaurant owner said he saw the car heading east on State Street. Then he saw the car crossing the intersection and crashing into the wall. People eating in the diner immediately got up and went to help the driver.

“Given the accident, how everyone came together and helped everyone at the scene, and the police officers were very positive about it,” Bohnenkamp said. “No harm was done, it was a miracle.”

Bohnenkamp said closing the store today would prevent more people from sitting down and getting a good meal.

“Anyway, we opened at 6:30 a.m. as usual,” Bohnenkamp said.

Business as usual when it’s been done that way for years.

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