One creator to look out for, Tvara Mehta promotes fabulous brands


Tvara Mehta is one creator to look out for! She has been bringing several new brands to her audience. 

Nexus Ahmedabad is a popular mall in the heart of the city, a place loved by fashionistas. Recently the mall has been renovated and now has several international brands.


Tvara recently visited the mall and shot with the latest brands at the mall. She uses simple transitions and keeps her reels engaging which surely helps connect with her audience. She says, “Ahmedabad is a city which loves to welcome new ideas and new brands- it is one of the fastest developing cities and is now home to some amazing international brands. Most of my followers are Gen Z and millennials and they love to shop for trends they can style in a way to express themselves. With Instagram reels booming, they have a platform to showcase their style.”


Tvara has worked for brands like Indya, Forever New India, Only, Mango, Mia by Tanishq, Fossil, Colorbar & My Global Desi, to name a few. Ask her about her experience with finding good brands and she says, “Most PR agencies handling the brands reach out to me via Instagram. I also have a team which manages my work for me so they help me to pick the right brands.”


Tvara has travelled quite a lot so she so she also gets approached to promote the brands which promote travel. She went to Jambughoda recently , which is a sanctuary near Baroda. She was called there to promote a new Fern hotel. Tvara covered the place and the places around – the places were hidden gems and she had a great time! She says, “Travel industry is a different game altogether now! People want to travel and explore the world now. It’s a great time to associate with good chains of hotels as hospitality industry has always fascinated me.”


Recently she promoted Nissan Magnite. She made engaging videos which showed detailed features of the automobile, which answers the queries of her followers. She says, “It’s very important to also engage with your followers and not just share your posts, as that’s how you can connect to them. They might have some questions, a compliment or could just drop in to say hi. When you reply back, they can connect with you, which shows authenticity as well.” 


Instagram has boomed especially during and post pandemic- various brands are now approaching Tvara for promotions on Instagram from all over India! She says, “That’s the best part about the digital era we are living in! I am talking to PR mangers from around the country and getting connected is just a click away! We can easily discuss the flow of the content we are planning and take it ahead via Zoom calls. I love to work with them as there is something new to learn everyday, a new product I can explore and a new strategy. It’s exciting!” 


Tvara is looking forward to this year! She says, “Never stop learning & exploring”, as she signs off. 



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