Ooni Volt 12 Review: Fast and convenient


The body has Ooni’s distinctive dark-gray tortoise-like shape, made of stainless steel in a powder-coated carbon steel shell, again encasing it in a striking finish. I can rest my hand on top of the stove when it’s on full blast and it doesn’t feel very hot. The door is made of triple-pane and borosilicate glass that seems to have been deliberately designed for comparison with the Pizzaiolo, only the door. Double coated. It can also heat up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit (pizzaiolo can only go up to 750 degrees, losers!).

There are three keys on the door. These mounds, unfortunately, took me a while to figure out from the pizzaiolo that come with handy presets for different types of pizza. The one on the left is the timer, the one in the middle is the temperature, and the one on the right is what Ooni calls Boost mode, which allows you to transfer heat back and forth between the top and bottom heating elements. for different purposes.

If you like your cheese slightly brown, you can turn up the heat; If you’re baking a lot of pizzas, opening the door a lot, and moving the dough in and out quickly, you can turn the dial to turn the heat back down. It’s a simple function, but the symbols on the dial are surprisingly vague.

Hot hot heat

It’s crazy how fast the oven heats up. Here I recommend waiting a full hour for the stone to heat up. But the first time I used the oven, I turned it up to 650 degrees (what Ooni recommends for “New York-style” pizza) and went in to take stuff out of the fridge. By the time I got back out 13 minutes later, it was ready. This is less time than it takes my typical indoor oven to reach 400 degrees.

The main difference between Pizzaiolo and Volt 12 is philosophical. The specs on the Vault are actually better than the Pizzaiolo, but beyond that, the Pizzaiolo only lives indoors and has presets. While will do Have a manual mode that lets you play pizza maker and hover around the oven, anxiously turning the pie yourself so the crust is fully baked, you really don’t need to. It looks like playing. When I finished my trial period with Pizzaiolo, I just made dough, pre-punched it and went. If you’re a busy parent with young children, it’s the perfect oven.

Volt 12 has a handy booklet that lets you choose which type of pizza you want and plug in the timer and temperature. is not That’s what he said. Heavy, and gives the oven a little more flexibility. For example, I just learned what grandma’s style pizza is as opposed to Detroit style (someone will undoubtedly correct me, but as far as I can tell, grandma’s style is thin).


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