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DAYTON – Neighbors of a Dayton business are not happy about the owner accusing them of having a pile of trash on his business property.

Charles Jeidozius’ business, Miami Valley Mowers, has been on Xenia Ave for 28 years, but now there’s a bit of a tussle with him, his neighbors and the city of Dayton about the best way to protect and secure his interests. Dirty movers never hurt anyone.

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Twin Towers Neighborhood Association President Leslie Sheward said she and other residents took their concerns to city commissioners last month after their first attempt to use city-sponsored mediation failed. The property next to Ruskin Elementary School is an eyesore and a fire hazard, he said.

“We’re still open to mediation and we’re not saying, ‘This is all on you, now you have to clean up,'” Sheward said.

City officials said they sent out citations from the zoning department and fire marshals tried to contact the business owner.

News Center 7 spoke with Jedosius and he said he tried to reach out, but no one got back to him. He also said that he would mediate.

Jaydoszius told News Center 7’s Mike Campbell that he thinks the city and the area are handling this with a heavy hand.

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“It’s very frustrating. I feel like a target,” he said. “I’m one of the only businesses left on this whole Xenia street.”

Jaydoszius said the past three years have been difficult for him. He lost a brother, his mother and father fell ill and COVID-19 forced him to close his business. He says he’s put it behind the eight ball, but doesn’t believe the three properties or the business are a risk.

“Yes, there are parts I understand where they come from. I’ll take care of that,” said Jeidosius.

Jaydoszius told us he has a meeting scheduled with Dayton fire marshals early next week.


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