Plastic and pollution make Ananthapuram (AMC) the single use plastic capital of india

The Ananthapuram Municipal Corporation (AMC) has been under fire for its epic failure on waste management, environmental protection, single-use plastic ban, and tree protection. Though the single-use plastic ban came into force nine months ago, the AMC has failed miserably in implementing it due to lack of commitment and intent.


Single-use plastic is still available everywhere in the town, and its rampant use has resulted in clogging of almost all drainages, creating a major problem for the sanitation workers. The plastic waste has resulted in several cows dying due to consumption of plastic, which is a serious concern for animal welfare.


The AMC’s failure to address the plastic waste problem has led to plastic being burnt in the main dump yard, where there is a legacy waste of close to 3 lakh tonnes, and where 9 tonnes of plastic are added every day. The municipal authorities have shown little concern for the environment, apart from some dummy rallies and raids, while the problem continues to worsen.


The fact that the AMC has not even collected 1/10th of the penalties that are collected by neighboring municipal corporations like Kadapa shows how miserably the corporation has failed. Despite hundreds of complaints and requests by citizens to implement the ban, the AMC seems least bothered, for reasons best known to them.


Moreover, the town has lost close to 800 trees in road expansion, and nothing has been done to compensate for the green coverage of the town. The concerned environmental officers of the municipality have been in a coma as far as action on the protection of the environment is concerned, and so are the several commissioners in the past four years. They have been fooling the Swachh Bharat Corporation with cosmetic action, pictures, and videos being submitted at regular intervals.


The AMC has turned a blind eye and deaf ears to repeated requests by citizens to take action on environmental issues, and high corruption allegations seem to be true in the current scenario. Plastic ban is almost non-existent, and social activists are being threatened by environment officials.


It is probably the only city in India that has shown so much inaction on plastic ban and environmental issues. The AMC’s failure to implement the plastic ban and protect the environment is a significant concern for the citizens of the town. The corporation’s negligence has led to the deterioration of the environment and put the health and safety of the citizens at risk.


According to sources, the AMC has not implemented the plastic ban due to its close ties with the plastic industry lobby, which has been influencing its decision-making process. The lack of political will to implement the ban has led to the continuation of the plastic waste problem, which is a significant environmental and health hazard.


The citizens of Ananthapuram have been protesting against the corporation’s inaction on the plastic ban and environmental issues. They have been urging the authorities to take strict action against those who violate the ban and to ensure the proper disposal of plastic waste.


Environmental activists have also been urging the authorities to take steps to protect the trees that are being cut down for road expansion. They have been demanding that the authorities compensate for the loss of trees by planting new ones and ensuring the preservation of the existing ones.


In response to the citizens’ and activists’ protests, the AMC has promised to take strict action against those violating the plastic ban and to improve waste management in the town. The corporation has also promised to take steps to protect the trees and ensure their preservation.


However, the citizens and activists remain skeptical of the AMC’s promises, given its track record of inaction and lack of commitment to environmental protection.


The failure of the AMC to implement the plastic ban and protect the environment is a significant concern for the citizens of Ananthapuram. The continued use and disposal of plastic waste and the destruction of trees pose significant environmental and health hazards that cannot be ignored.

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