Prime 2023: The IRL is back


Hello, and welcome back to Equity, the startup business podcast, where we unpack the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

This week we documented TechCrunch at Early Stage for founders building startups from the ground up.

Unfortunately, our dear friend Natasha Maskerenhas He got sick, and we had to support him Alex For the element. But the good news Darrell The team from TechCrunch was sitting next to us on the event floor, so we tagged along to Rocket Intelligence.

Anyway, here’s the process!

  • All things first; Notes from the show floor, what we can say about attendance and vibration testing.
  • Elon’s new, big rocket It went up (very good) and then went “boom” (not good). Congratulations to the Space Race, the overall results of the launch were great. Rockets have a tendency to expand when they’re new, and it takes some, well, testing to get them to do so. Of course, a Non-boom The result would have been better, but SpaceX didn’t intend to reuse the parts anyway.
  • Tesla’s earnings Exit investors are not so happy. While there are some good things in the set of numbers, the company’s cost reductions and cash flow adjustments indicate that profitability may be difficult to achieve going forward.
  • And Dismissal. Meta is cutting staff. An insider is cutting staff. BuzzFeed is laying off staff. Here is a bargain.

We’re back to full strength next week – and no longer on the road – so expect normal service to resume. Hug!

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