Put ChatGPT to work for you with these browser extensions

When setting up the plugin, look for the new Export option in the lower left corner. You won’t find anything on export options, but it does mean getting a copy of your chats.


If you’re thinking of using ChatGPT to do anything on the web, from emails to social media posts, WritingMate can help. You can launch it via the Ctrl+M (Windows) or Cmd+M (macOS) keyboard shortcut, or use the floating icon that appears on the right side of the browser window.

You can use ChatGPT however you like on the websites you view, and there are some helpful questions included with the extension. Chat GPT responses can also be quickly edited and refined.

If you need more than 10 messages per day or longer messages, you can sign up for a $15-per-month premium account. The free access to the tool should tell you whether or not you’ll find it useful.


ChatGPT is no doubt a wonderful bit of technology, but it also has limitations: it doesn’t have access to the most up-to-date information and, as such, it can’t search the web.

WebChatGPT (for Chrome, Edge and Firefox) fixes that, dropping traditional web search results alongside AI responses in the ChatGPT interface. It also tries to combine both types of responses to give you something coherent and useful.

This approach works better for some questions than others: like “Who is the president?” Try questions like: And “give me the latest thread headlines” to see the difference the extension makes on ChatGPT.

Use WebChatGPT to bring the latest web search results to ChatGPT.

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For some of us, talking is easier than typing, and Promptheus lets you talk to ChatGPT just like you would with a real person. It can give you a whole new perspective on interacting with AI.

You use Promptheus from within the ChatGPT interface, and when you’re ready to speak, simply press and hold the spacebar. There are a few extension settings you can play with, such as the option to automatically send prompts after you stop talking.

As an added bonus, the extension gives you easy access to ChatGipt from any web page—click the add-on icon in your browser’s toolbar to start interacting with the AI ​​bot.

Export and share chatgpt

One of the most important features that ChatGPT lacks is the ability to access content from the ChatGPT interface to other locations – you’re limited to the good old copy-paste method.

ChatGPT Export and Share (works in Chrome, Edge and Firefox) is here to solve the problem. It takes a little more time to set up in your browser, but full instructions are provided, and the end results are worth it.

Once the extension is installed, you will see new export buttons below the prompt box. You can save your chats as images and PDFs, and there’s even an option to create shareable links to them.

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