Ranking Miona Bell’s worst fashion fails on Instagram

Miona Bell wants to be known as a popular fashion and beauty influencer, but her weird fashion choices have left 90 Day Fancé viewers disappointed.

New 90 Days Engaged Star Miona Bell wants to establish herself as a style icon, but sometimes makes obvious fashion mistakes in her Instagram posts. The 23-year-old reality star shot to fame after appearing on season 9 with her musician boyfriend, Jibri Bell. The couple’s relationship continues 90 Days Engaged it’s been nothing short of dramatic, as they both have big dreams and only 90 days to work things out.

While Jibri wanted to build a career in music, Miona wanted a life of luxury in California. Fortunately, the pair made their relationship work and are currently living in Miona’s dream state. While she has been working hard building her beauty business, 90 Days Engaged fans are amazed by some of her before and after fashion photos.


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A few months ago, a blogger on Instagram posted comparison pictures of the Serbian native that showed her looking completely different from her natural appearance. Viewers noticed that Miona had tanned aggressively over time and modified some of her facial features. Some fans accused Miona of black fishing and asked if she was trying to appear darker. Miona tried to hit back at the critics saying that the allegations only keep her relevant on social media.

3. Miona In Flared Jeans & Poncho

In May 2022, Miona appeared in Jibri’s Instagram post and was wearing a strange combination of clothes. She wore an oversized poncho with flared jeans that looked dated. The scarf completely covered her upper body and made it look like she had no neck. Fans think that Miona has a great sense of fashion and can do much better than this weird look.

2. Miona In Shimmery 90s Outfit

Recently, Miona has published a photo where she is seen wearing a backless blouse and regular jeans. Miona, in her high makeup, had tinted blue glasses and a chunky watch that didn’t match. While Miona looked confident in the photo, 90 Days Engaged viewers were not impressed with her appearance. A Redditor from the knoonz thread wrote, “Yes, both usually have nicer outfits. This is not a good look for either of them.” Another Redditor chimed in, “1980 called and wants those clothes back. UGH!“Someone else commented,”For someone who cares about her looks as much as she does, I’m surprised she accepted this promo.”

1. Miona’s obsession with tanning

In 2019, Miona shared a controversial photo in which she looked like a fashion store mannequin. Besides not looking like herself, the photo showed her in a neon green outfit. The outfit Miona wore has fans unsure if the set was pajamas or for a night on the town. Since from 90 Days Engaged The success of star Miona’s beauty brand depends on her fashion choice, she will hopefully make better fashion decisions in the future.

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