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It’s no secret that Princess Diana’s timeless nature will live on forever. Princess Diana may have been the Princess of Wales, but she was truly the people’s princess. Her sincere nature and mission to effect change never went unnoticed throughout her reign.

The royal activist touched the hearts of many and continues to do so even in the modern day. Princess Diana’s spirit lives on in many ways, one being her minimalist and iconic fashion taste. Let’s be honest – we’ve all seen countless paparazzi photos of Princess Diana in her most fabulous outfits. Countless celebrities, influencers, and ordinary people alike have gone on to emulate the glamor that encompassed Princess Diana’s fashion.

I’ve been obsessed with the casual yet sophisticated vibe that Princess Diana exuded through her personal style. Coincidentally, I headed over to Amazon to look for the perfect outfit that I know Princess Diana would have shown off today. If you’ve been looking to own Princess Di’s look too, just keep reading to find out.

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This oversized sweatshirt will become your go-to

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I can’t imagine a world where Princess Diana would give up an oversized sweatshirt. I find this pullover style sweatshirt perfect to throw on in the morning when I’m going for coffee, or even when I’m on my way to a casual lunch with my best friends.

Stay sporty chic with a set of cycling shorts

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Another Princess Diana staple, biker shorts are a versatile piece that I had to invest in. This set of biker shorts comes in three different colors, allowing me to mix and match them with other items in my closet. I always throw these on when I’m headed out for my daily hot girls walk, and they turn heads!

Block out the haters (and the sun) with this set of sunglasses

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Who doesn’t love a good pair of sunglasses? With this set, I have double the fun; two different styles for whatever mood I may be feeling during the day. The rounded shape also compliments my naturally oval-shaped face.

You must add this blazer to your wardrobe

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I’m a jacket fanatic so I’m always looking to add more to my collection. Princess Diana was always known for wearing a simple outfit with a blazer, and I’m going to follow suit with this one. My friends always compliment my style choices when I layer this blazer over a pair of jeans and a simple tank.

Turn your mom on with a pair of mom jeans

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I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a pair of blue jeans, especially mom jeans. This pair comes in a high-waisted style, which I like to flaunt when I’m tired of my low-rise jeans.

Show off a business casual flare with a tote bag

via Amazon

There’s something about neutral colors that just screams “professional girl on the go” to me. Princess Diana was known for carrying tasteful handbags, and this piece carries the same vibe. My co-workers were obsessed with this bag when I brought it to the office after I got it and I’m sure you will love it just as much.

Button up in classic Princess Di style with this cover

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You could always catch Princess Diana in a button-down shirt, so I knew to emulate her style, I’d need one of my own. Although this piece is a beach cover-up, I’d throw it over a cute tank and a pair of jeans, just like I’d imagine Princess Diana would today.

Rock Dad Like A Pro Sneakers

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Princess Diana’s casual style would never be complete without a pair of dad sneakers. I’ll be honest, I love these sneakers! They’re incredibly versatile, as I can wear them to run errands, to work out, and even on a casual day at the office.

Gold mini hoops are a trend you need to get on board with

via Amazon

I turn to this pair of mini gold hoops when I’m looking to give off a clean, sleek look. Princess Diana wore a pair of her own and they are the perfect go-to jewelry. My coworkers and I always have a matching pair, and my mom even asked me to send the link to them!

Emulate Princess Di’s very own black sheepskin sweater

via Amazon

The human princess has countless popular looks, but her black sheepskin sweater has to be the one etched in my mind. Symbolizing her uniqueness and strength to stand up for what she believed in, I found my black sheepskin sweater that I wear when I need a little confidence boost.

An oversized tee will become your best friend

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Princess Diana was no stranger to over-the-top fashion finds, and this top blends in perfectly with her style. I know, you might be thinking, “Who wears big t-shirts anymore anyway?” My answer: Princess Diana definitely would have been.

Show off your Gingham style with these pink patterned pants

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Another true Princess Diana piece, I had to get a pair of pink pants. Princess Diana wore some unique key pieces, and this quirky pair of pants is one that I just had to get my hands on. The way she was able to push the boundaries of what the models were wearing, she was truly ahead of her time.

Classic is cool: You need these white knee socks

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Okay, a set of white socks may seem boring, but they are definitely necessary! I never realized how badly I needed a few extra pairs of socks until I got this set. Plus, I love the added length to the knee of these socks; Princess Diana was known to always wear the crew cut style.

Show off Quintessential British Beauty with a pearl set

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I like to dress up every now and then, and putting on a pearl jewelry set always makes me feel like royalty. To me, pearls symbolize a level of class and elegance that Princess Diana always carried.

Brighten up your country with a pair of cowboy boots

via Amazon

I want. Cowboy. Boots! I mean, who doesn’t? Princess Diana was simply ahead of her time with this fashion statement, often wearing a pair of boots in the most elegant of ways. Who knew a British woman would put her iconic mark on a classic American Western item?

A pencil skirt set will make you feel ready to rule the world

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There’s no way I could start recreating Princess Diana’s style without picking up a light blue pencil skirt kit. I mean, come on, this piece just screams British royalty!

Go for a pair of moccasins

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Loafers are definitely making a comeback this fall, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are a perfect addition to my closet to wear with work clothes and also to wear for a relaxed date night.

Keep your baseball cap on

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Baseball caps are one of the most beloved pieces in my closet. Not only do they protect my sensitive skin from the sun’s harshest rays, but they’re also perfect to wear when I’m dealing with a bad hair day!

Add a reliable and neutral belt to your wardrobe

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There are a few staple belts in my wardrobe that I always seem to reach for at some point, and this tan style is always there to help. Like Princess Diana’s iconic rounded, neutral belts that she often wore, this piece just always seems to tie my outfits together.

Invest in a pair of work pants

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I have so many distinct and quirky pairs of trousers that I thought it was time to take a few notes from Princess Diana and add a pair of universal trousers to my wardrobe. Having a pair of “simple” pants allows me to simplify my fashion choices, something I really want to learn how to do.

Layer it up with these sheer black sweaters

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When tights started making a comeback last season, I immediately jumped on the trend train. With the weather getting colder by the minute, tights are a trendy choice to pair with my cute skirts. Not to mention, they pair perfectly with the next item on our list…

Get your iconic revenge dress

via Amazon

I will never be able to get the image of Princess Diana in her revenge dress out of my mind. At an iconic moment in fashion history, I knew I had to get my hands on my modern version of the little black dress. I kid you not, I’ve actually had people compliment me on this dress, referring to it as the “revenge dress”, could I ask for anything more?

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