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State Sen. Jerry C. Cirino, R-Kirtand, announced this week that the Ohio Legislature passed successor House Bill 45 and House Bill 66.

According to a news release, the two bodies of law will use unspent Recovery Plan Act and general revenue funds for various projects across the 18th Senate District.

Included in SB Bill 45 is funding for stormwater repairs to the Mentor Harbor Lagoons. The measure also establishes the Ohio Adoption Grant Program, which provides one-time support payments to an eligible adoptive parent.

Aid administered by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services ranges from $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the child’s need.

Additionally, the Legislature is relevant to addressing many health care workforce needs in areas such as nursing homes, hospitals and mental health.

Benefits are included to support the parenting and pregnancy program.

The Legislature passed House Bill 66, which provides funding for renovations to the Lake County Captains, the high-A affiliate of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sirino said the bills represent the Legislature’s commitment to providing long-term relief for Ohio businesses in a time of labor bottlenecks and ever-increasing inflation.

“I am proud to join my district colleague in the House (State Rep. Jamie Callindar, R-Concord Township) to secure funding for these important projects for Lake County.”

The Legislature also passed House Bill 569, which created Ohio’s Hidden Hero Scholarship programs, and House Bill 353, which created the “Testing Your Faith Act,” the statement said.

House Bill 569 and Ohio’s Hidden Hero Scholarship Program require public institutions of higher education to create a program that allows an individual who cares for a family member with a service-connected disability to receive post-secondary education.

Examining Your Faith The law requires institutions of higher education to allow up to three days per semester for a student to miss academic activities due to a religious holiday or event.

“Our higher education system is a critical path to achieving the American Dream, and House Bills 353 and 569 ensure that those who cherish our nation’s greatest heroes and want to practice their religion freely can get just a little bit more,” Sirino said. The freedom to do so.”

Cirino represents the 18th District in the Ohio Senate, which includes all or parts of Geaugan, Lake and Portage counties.

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