Sunset Fashion Week’s Christine Quinn and new friend Bella Hadid are sold

As part of Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week show, Christine Quinn walked alongside a select group of celebrities and models, including Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid. In addition to already having a surprising relationship with Nicole Kidman, Quinn found a best friend in the experienced model Hadid. “Bella Hadid and I have become really good friends,” she tells The List. “I bumped into him, I believe, at another rehearsal. We had dinner and then I saw him later after the show, a couple of times.”

A friendship quickly blossomed between Quinn and Hadid, and it’s clear that the RealOpen founder has the utmost respect for the supermodel. “I was shocked at how genuine, sweet and kind she was,” she says. “It was another thing – she knew all the models and had been around them for years. I didn’t know anyone. She made me feel at home, and she was really wonderful. It was the peak of my career. “

Find out more about Christine Quinn and Christian Dumontet’s new venture, RealOpen, on their website.

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