The 11 best shows on Apple TV+ right now


Slowly but surely Apple TV+ is finding its feet. What we called “weird, edgy, and horny as hell” at the intro has evolved into a diverse library of dramas, documentaries, and comedies. It’s pretty cheap compared to services like Netflix — and Apple often throws in three free months when you buy a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV.

Curious but don’t know where to start? Below are our picks for the best shows on the service. When you’re done, head over to our guides to the best Netflix shows, Amazon Prime shows, and Disney+ shows, because you can never have too much television.

Ted Lasso

on paper, Ted Lasso It looks very scary. The incredible story of an American coach who has never seen a game of football somehow finds himself a job as a manager of a Premier League club and tries to make up for his total incompetence by being brilliant. Sounds invisible, doesn’t it? And yet Ted Lasso It has won the hearts and minds of audiences on both sides of the pond with its larger-than-life drama and irresistibly wholesome messaging, racking up entertainment awards in the process. Now that Season 3 is out, there’s plenty of good-natured humor to dive into.

It’s getting tight.

You will have fun In medicine But I wish it was, you know, fun? and then It’s getting tight. It may be right for you. Created by Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein Ted Lasso Famous – and Jason Segel, the show is about Jimmy (Segel), a therapist who struggles to overcome the death of his wife and reconnect with his son and patients. That may sound corny, and the show isn’t without its awkward moments, but it’s a fun workplace comedy centered around a therapy practice where Jimmy works alongside Harrison Ford’s Paul and Jessica Williams’ Gabby. It’s getting tight.Ultimately, it’s about what people do to cope, but it also features a dream team and a group of actors and one very memorable party scene (unrelated) with a vomit-filled piano and a stoned Ford.


At the cinematic level, M. Knight Shyamalan can be a bit hit or miss, though ServantThe filmmaker executive produces and occasionally directs the stars. About a Philadelphia couple – a chef and a news anchor – who lose a child only to be mysteriously brought back to life (maybe) with the arrival of their new babysitter. (You’ll just have to watch the show for this to make sense anyway.) Moody, spooky, and occasionally funny, it draws you in. And now that it’s in its fourth season, there’s plenty to enjoy.

Essex snake

Claire Danes plays her quiver-chin best in a period costume. Tom Hiddleston as the town vicar; Rumors of a mysterious mythical snake – is there anything? is not To love this show? No, no. Essex snakeBased on the novel by Sarah Perry, it follows a recent widow (Danish) as she travels to the Essex countryside to investigate a “sea dragon”. There she meets Will (Hiddleston), a vicar who is even more skeptical of the snake’s existence. Lush and inviting, it’s a perfect period puzzle.


Of all the shows on this list, Farewell Perhaps it has cemented Apple TV+ as a streaming player with respectable content. Adam Scott plays Mark, a man haunted by the death of his wife, and chooses to accept a certificate, a process that differs from his work-at-home memoir. He’s more than happy to set it up until a former Lumon Industries co-worker tracks him down when he leaves the office, setting off a series of events that make him question the company’s work, not just goodbye. Then, it gets weirder and darker with each passing minute. Tense and heartbreaking, this show, mostly directed by Ben Stiller, will keep you guessing and questioning.

Little America

It was first released when Donald Trump was president of the United States. Little America It remains a timely reminder of what truly makes America great. Each episode of this anthology series focuses on the story of immigrants living in America. From an undocumented high school student who discovers a talent for squash to a “breast whisperer” in Brooklyn, each of these 30-minute vignettes—all based on real people—is an inspiring and worthwhile look.

A legendary mission

A very rare video game TV show that actually works. A legendary mission It’s one of the best new workplace comedies of the past few years. Presented in perfectly immersive half-hour episodes, the show follows a fictional game studio known for its history. World of Warcraft– As an MMO, A legendary mission, like people who slalom in their many ambiguous relationships. The writing is excellent, consistently funny and emotionally impactful, at least when you least expect it, and the show manages to confront real issues in the industry without sacrificing laughs.


We called. Foundation A “wrong masterpiece” in our review, it’s still highly acclaimed given the complexity of adapting a sprawling sci-fi novel for TV. Based on Isaac Asimov’s book of the same name, a confusing ambition Foundation Jared Harris as Harry Selden, a math professor exiled with his loyal followers for predicting the coming end of the galactic empire that rules over them. It looks incredible, and while the show may suffer under the weight of its huge size, this Game of Thrones-in-space wannabe is still one to check out.

Morning show

Every streaming service needs a blockbuster drama with a Hollywood heavyweight to draw viewers in. It has Apple TV+. Morning show. Stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell top the list as members of the on-screen team. Morning showA popular breakfast news program. Morning show It wastes no time getting going, immediately showing you co-anchor Mitch Kessler (Carell) being fired over sexual misconduct allegations. Since then, the show has tackled the issues of the #MeToo scandal, and while it doesn’t always work, it’s usually pretty entertaining to watch, and you can’t blame anyone involved for not giving their all to a serious subject.


Hailee Steinfeld is a troubled young Emily Dickinson in this half-hour show from creator Alena Smith. It was part of the original Apple TV+ lineup and quickly distinguished itself as an off-kilter vision set in 19th-century Amherst, Massachusetts. The first season is a collection of sharp, confident vignettes inspired by Dickinson’s work and following the imagined life of a young poet who rebels against her father, the rules of her town and everything else. The second and third seasons are more in-depth—examining not only the poet’s life, but the roles of race, gender, sexuality, and class in early America. If you’re a Dickinson stan, like a slightly clever queer drama, or have a penchant for a Civil War–era scene with a modern soundtrack, you’ll dig this.

For the whole human race

A solid piece of alternative history, For the whole human race It starts with a very clever premise: What if the US excels at putting a man on the moon? How competitive is the space race between the Americans and the Soviets? It’s mostly a sleek, stylish, NASA-heavy period drama, but as this one comes from the mind of Ronald D. Moore, there are a few notable moments and episodes that stand out around the large ensemble cast. The best sci-fi show you simply can’t watch.


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