The Association of Black Agencies Network is about to officially launch.


The Association of Black Agencies Network (BANA), a newly formed association of 100% black-owned agencies in South Africa, will officially launch on 4 August 2022 at the Black Visibility Gala event.

Source: © Pavel Losevsky 123rf The Association of Black Agencies Network (BANA) is a newly formed association of 100% black agencies spread throughout South Africa.

BANA is poised to accelerate industry transformation by facilitating black-owned agency engagement as a collaborative voice of marginalized people and a new driver and thought leader.

Mission and vision

The association’s mission is to accelerate transformation and increase business and job creation in the marketing, advertising, communications and digital industries.

The vision is to create a conducive and sustainable business environment for black communication professionals by encouraging various changes to enhance the development of black enterprise.

“Advertising is a mirror of our society, and the industry should reflect the communities we operate in. Currently, the industry does not reflect this, so we gave birth to our company,” says Grovin Nchabeleng, founder and CEO of the company. Blueprint Group and Chairman of BANA.

With over 100 years of combined expertise, BANA’s member organizations spend hundreds of millions of rand on communications each year, and influence more than 50 million South Africans on a range of issues including social inclusion.

Use MAC costs

“BANA’s key objective is to help our clients leverage the tremendous resources available through this trusted platform of Black Property Agencies to support the national transformation agenda of the Marketing, Advertising and Communications SA (MAC SA) Charter,” said Bongani. Ghosa, Founder and CEO of BWD Advertising and Vice Chairman of BANA.

Key topics to be discussed at the launch event include how the country’s top communicators, who are part of BANA, can play a key role in promoting the country’s regeneration agenda.

Honoring industry veterans

The event serves as a platform to honor and celebrate those who contributed to transforming the industry before 1994, including Denis Mashabela, Beatrice Kubheka, Peter Vundla, Letepe Maisela, Dimape Serenyane, Jani Ngwale and Nkunkwue Nkomo.

BANA’s founding members include Palesa Gkaba, owner of Elevation Communications and Events, Lufuno Makungo, founder of Ngano Media, Malebo Lesejane, founder and managing partner of EthnoLab, William Seyama, founder of Init Integrated Solutions and founder of Mohube Media. Mohube Media.


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