The Best Cleaning Tips Only Car Detailers Know

The Best Cleaning Tips Only Car Detailers Know

Almost everyone has a car to get them from point A to point B, and we rely on our vehicles daily. However, they’re often near or at the bottom of our priority lists when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. You can preserve its function and condition by taking care of it, whether your vehicle is new or old. Follow along for a few of the best cleaning tips only car detailers know.

Blow Out the Vents

Unfortunately, dust and moisture can build up in your car vents, which may result in unpleasant smells or air quality. However, professional and experienced car detailers can make your vehicle smell better and improve the overall air quality by blowing out the vents. Whether you use an air compressor or a can of compressed air, you can remove much dust, moisture, and other debris from your air vents.

Rinse Before Washing

Washing your car is crucial, but you should consider rinsing it before washing it to prevent paint damage. Interestingly, if you apply soapy water directly to dry paint, you may grind dirt and other debris into the finish and cause damage. That said, starting with a rinse using clean water is one of the best ways to remove dirt and grit before applying soap.

Pro Tip

Use a touchless approach for the initial rinse, such as a hose with a sprayer attachment.

Use Synthetic Wax on the Paint

You may or may not know the difference between waxing and polishing, but you’ve probably heard that waxing your car is an important step in total care. However, not all wax types are suitable for newer vehicles. For instance, paste wax types are great for old or antique cars but don’t produce the beautiful shine many desire. Furthermore, these paste wax types don’t last as long. Instead, use synthetic wax to protect and seal your paint job for longer.

Brush the Carpet While Vacuuming

Your car’s carpeting holds a ton of dirt and debris, and simply vacuuming it may not be enough to achieve cleanliness. With that in mind, consider using a stiff brush on the carpet as you vacuum. Moving the dirt and loosening it from the carpet fibers is effective, but sucking it up into the vacuum is the key to not letting it settle.

After learning the best cleaning tips only car detailers know, you can keep your ride clean at home. Though hiring a professional to clean it may be easier (and you may see higher quality results), you can benefit from learning a new skill and detailing your vehicle yourself.

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