The collapse of the Russian technology industry and the risk of AI security


Russia has seen a massive exodus of IT workers in the months since Vladimir Putin declared his invasion of Ukraine. It is estimated that nearly 100,000 IT specialists will leave Russia by 2022, or about 10% of the tech workforce—a number that is not insignificant.

It has now been a year since the invasion. Tech workers who have left everything behind to flee Russia warn that the country is poised to become a virtual village: from the global tech industry, research, funding, scientific exchanges and critical mass. It was an accelerated course that began well before the war. Read the full story.

– Masha Borak

Three ways AI chatbots are a security risk.

AI language models are the brightest, most exciting thing in technology right now. But they’re set to create a major new problem: they’re ridiculously easy to abuse. No programming skills are required, and there is no intuitive tuning.

Tech companies are racing to incorporate these models into more products to help people do everything from book tours to organize their calendars to take notes in meetings.

But the way these products work creates a host of new risks, from exfiltrating people’s personal information to helping criminals lure, spam, and scam people. Our Senior AI Correspondent, Melissa Heikkila, discovered the ways in which they are open to attack. Read the full story.


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