The Coolest Parking Garages in the United States

The Coolest Parking Garages in the United States

While parking might not be the most exciting part of a trip, there are numerous notable parking structures around the country. While visiting various big cities across the United States, you might run into some of these interesting parking structures. Add these examples of the coolest parking garages in the US to your list of sightseeing attractions when you visit their respective cities.

Greenway Self-Park—Chicago, Illinois

Parking garages are typically inefficient in terms of space and sustainability. However, parking structures like the Greenway Self-Park in Chicago are trying to change this. This parking structure features several eco-friendly installations, such as wind turbines built into the side of the building, a green roof, and electric charging stations for electric vehicles. This parking structure also offers convenient parking in the heart of the city, making it convenient for visitors to get where they need to be.

Michigan Theatre—Detroit, Michigan

Many modern parking garages are gaining popularity for their high-tech innovations and modern architecture. The Michigan Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, is notable for its historical aspects and architecture. An extravagant theater with parking spaces is not what you might expect to find between buildings in downtown Detroit. However, that’s exactly what you’ll find at this theater-turned-parking garage. The structure was built in 1926 and became a renowned theater, only to close in 1976 after television sets gained popularity. Instead of tearing it down, the city gutted the building in 1977 and reopened it as a 160-space parking deck.

Automated Parking System—Manhattan, New York

Have you ever seen an automated parking system at work? Automated parking systems have history dating back to the 1900s, but they are becoming more popular than ever in modern times. These systems can be extremely useful in cities like New York, where street parking is scarce. The largest automated parking structure in Manhattan provides almost 120 parking spaces across four floors, saving more space than your average parking structure. Robotic transfer devices handle and transport patron’s cars across the levels, which means visitors don’t need to deal with the hassles of parking.

When traveling, you might not think of where you stop to park as a destination. However, if you choose to park at one of these examples of the coolest parking garages in the United States, your parking choice becomes its own attraction.

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