The owner hopes that the roofing business in Steamboat Springs will grow to new heights

Storm Peak Roofing Company owner Zach Harper, right, joins his wife, Hunter Gansman, and the couple’s son, Paxton, for this family photo. Harper recently started Storm Peak Roofing, and his wife owns Salon Monet in Steamboat Springs.
Zach Harper/Courtesy Photo

Zach Harper envisions his business venture in Northwest Colorado as a way to serve the community he loves while securing his family’s future.

“We’re a young family trying to make it in Steamboat,” said Harper, who founded Storm Peak Roofing Company earlier this month. “We’re feeling the struggle and trying to make it work.”

Harper came to Steamboat Springs at age 18 to attend Colorado Mountain College and pursue a skiing and snowboarding business. He spent two years at Steamboat Resort before starting work in construction. Several years ago he switched his focus to roofing and has been a local roofing contractor for the past 6 years.

This year he decided it was the right time to go out on his own time.

“We haven’t done any marketing or advertising, and we have very few jobs,” Harper said. The trucks will be packed next week, the website is being built as we speak, and we will be working very hard over the next few weeks.

They said the website should be ready after about a week. Storm Peak Roofing can be reached at 970-761-8343.

Storm Peak Roofing offers snow and ice dam removal, and if a homeowner’s roof is leaking, Storm Peak Roofing can fix the repairs, document the damage to insurance companies, and make sure the job is completed this spring after the snow and ice melts.

Hurricane Peak Roofing Company
Zach Harper/Honor

“The snow removal and the ice dams, that’s what gets us going into spring,” Harper said. “We go in the winter, find the damage, shovel the snow off the roof, stop the leaks and document it. Then we come back in the spring and do a full inspection, and that’s what gets our customers ready for spring.”

They said Storm Peak Roofing can help customers document the damage, file insurance claims and get the repairs done. Their experience and a specialized machine used to remove ice dams can reduce maintenance needs and costs, he said.

“Right now, it’s just my wife and I,” Harper said. “We’re going to dive in first to start this business for ourselves. We’ve got a couple of other people … subcontractors who come in and do hourly snow removal, things like that.”

While Storm Mountain Roofing Company is a new business, it is not the family’s first. Gansman owned and operated her eyeliner business, Beauty Hunter, which is Salon Monet, a full-service hair salon at 1120 S. Lincoln Ave., Suite C2.

Gansman grew up in Steamboat Springs and met Harper while the two were working in Saratoga, Wyoming.

“We spent a summer working on this dude ranch,” Harper said. She worked in this industry, and I was in engineering. Then we decided we wanted to come back here.

The two are now raising their 4-year-old son in the city they love and are looking forward to running their businesses while building a more secure future for them and their family.

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