The Rise of GlidingGear: A Tale of Passion-Fueled Branding in the Automotive Apparel and Accessory Industry


Tanay Gaur, the founder of GlidingGear Company, was inspired by his passion for vintage automotive and his belief in the power and versatility of humble Apparel & Accessories. He saw the potential for a fashion accessory brand that could capture the energy and creativity of his favourite automotive themes and topics and express it in a way that was both usable, wearable and affordable. 


With this vision in mind, Tanay began working on GlidingGear with his two college friends, Satvik Sethi and Mohit Hardasni, in 2021, who are now partners in the company. Starting with an aim to customize retro motorcycles, they started working. Still, after a few unsuccessful events, they realized that they could make something related to fashion that everybody loves to use and wear daily, then with just a few designs and a basic website, Tanay and his partners quickly found that there was a real demand for the unique and expressive accessories that they were creating. Encouraged by positive feedback from friends and family, Tanay and his partners continued to develop the brand, expanding their product line and improving the website.


One of the keys to GlidingGear’s success is its wide range of accessories. From classic wallets to duffle bags, from cardholders to journals, GlidingGear has something for everyone. But the company doesn’t stop there. They also have a great collection of T-shirts and Shirts inspired by motorcycling.


Another key factor in GlidingGear’s success is its commitment to affordability and accessibility. The company’s T-Shirts and Accessories are priced to be accessible to a wide range of customers across India. They also offer COD and online payment methods for orders, and they go out of their way to ensure that the products are of high quality and that customers are satisfied with their purchases. This is achieved by providing responsive support, fast delivery and easy returns and exchanges.


GlidingGear’s customer-centric approach also includes actively listening to customer feedback and recommendations, which leads to new designs and product lines being added regularly. This also helps to ensure that GlidingGear’s products are always fresh and relevant and that the company is constantly evolving to meet its customers’ changing needs and tastes.


Ultimately, GlidingGear’s goal is to create fashion accessories and other apparel that are not just fashionable but also meaningful. The company has fulfilled over 20,000 orders in a year. They believe that clothes can be more than just a way to cover our bodies; they can be a way to express our passions, our identities, our stories, and especially our love for vintage automotive. And by creating high-quality, affordable, and expressive accessories and apparel, GlidingGear hopes to empower its customers to do just that.


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