TikTok’s New Trending Hashtag: How Can You Participate?

TikTok’s new Fashion Month hashtag, “#FashionForYou,” promotes inclusivity on the app as well as ease of participation for any user.

TIK Tok is getting into September’s fashion trends in a big way with the inclusion of a new hashtag, ‘#FashionForYou.’ The social media platform aims to capitalize on its leading role in the development of fashion and design through internet culture and its audience that loves to jump on trends as it hosts periodic “Fashion Month” – a time when creatives share wardrobes, designs Theirs. and trendy concepts with the rest of the platform. Additionally, since September 2020, TikTok has used live streams, tracks, and revamped artists to share their message of positivity and inclusion within the fashion world.


In 2020, TikTok started Fashion Month, mainly with runways and collection reveals during live events. The hashtag during this period was ‘#TikTokFashionMonth’. This hashtag has remained in circulation for the rest of the organization of this event each year, along with others such as ‘#GetTheLook’, which encourages people to share their outfits with their audience, or ‘#StyleHacks’ to show ingenuity and creativity when it comes to clothing design.

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Unlike trends that require extra effort with design, filters and sounds, all a user needs to do to participate in Fashion Month is to create any content within the realm of fashion and style and add the hashtags ‘#TikTokFashionMonth’ and ‘ #FashionForYou.’ Attendees can then tune in to her live events, consisting of a closet tour from Paris Fashion Week on September 27 and a closet tour and ‘Fit check’ on September 28. Fashion magazine Vogue will also be spotlighting content creators during this time as a collaborative project with TikTok on their account. For app users, new filters have been made available for use within the Fashion Month theme to simulate famous makeup brands.

TikTok is leaning towards a wider audience

TikTok’s recent addition of TikTok Now has seen a show of inclusion in the app and the use of the new hashtag, #FashionForYou, demonstrates TikTok’s desire to create a more personal and inclusive experience this Fashion Month. The platform is trying to give a new voice to smaller content creators within the fashion community, allowing unique and personalized styles to be at the forefront of this event. Past events have seen TikTok attempt to protect creators of different cultural and ethnic groups, different living conditions and all body types.

Fashion Month allows small and large content creators and all content consumers to develop their wardrobes, wardrobes and interactions with other accounts on the platform. September is a busy month for fashion events, and TikTok is jumping right into this trend by adding a positive message. With a new surge towards inclusiveness, TIK Tok has made an easy way for every user of the app to get involved. Furthermore, Vogue’s inclusion this year shows a commitment to the message that other corporations share, and the platform is demonstrating its desire to expose more upcoming influencers.

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