Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Detector

Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Detector

The experience of using a metal detector can give you the thrill of finding buried treasure. It’s important, though, to ensure you have a piece of equipment with the right attributes. If you plan to purchase one, here are some tips for choosing the right metal detector.

Find One With the Right Mode

Choosing the right device is one of the most useful metal-detecting basics. You can start by determining if the detector you are considering has the correct mode for the area you will go searching. If you plan to go hunting on a beach, find one with a beach mode.

Look at the Coil Size

One trait you must consider when choosing metal detectors is their coil size. The size of the coil relates to the depths you are willing to go on in your search with your detector. For instance, try a small coil if you want it to detect objects at a depth of only six inches.

If you want to go to deeper depths of seven to nine inches, try one with a medium-sized coil. A larger one can take you beyond nine inches. It’s best to pick one that meets your preference during your treasure hunt.

Determine the Level of Sensitivity

Another tip for choosing the right metal detector is to determine its level of sensitivity. Choose one with high sensitivity if you want a metal detector that will pick up even the smallest objects. On the other hand, if you are only interested in regular-sized objects, pick out one that’s less sensitive. That will help you spend more time finding the objects you are truly interested in.

Consider the Detector’s Weight

It is also important to look at the weight of any metal detector products you are considering buying. After all, you will have to carry your detector during your search, so make sure you pick one with a weight that you are comfortable carrying. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting tired and cutting your searches short.

After considering these factors, you can better find the metal detector that will fit your needs. You will be more successful at finding the treasure you are looking for and enjoying your hobby.

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